Best Towns to See in Latvia
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Best Towns to See in Latvia
Latvia, the Baltic country, is not one of Europe's most popular or well-known destinations. This is true for both American and European tourists. Russian tourists have long been drawn to the small country at the Baltic Sea. Latvia's rich history, beautiful nature, and turbulent past make it a great vacation spot for both city-trippers and outdoor enthusiasts. Latvia is free from the same problems of mass tourism as other European countries. Even during the summer peak season, there are few tourists and the prices are affordable. Latvia is home to many beautiful sights, including picturesque cities and lush forests as well as sandy beaches. These are the top 10 places to visit in Latvia, no matter if you're planning a trip around the Baltic Sea or just a quick getaway.

Old Town of Riga

Riga is the ideal starting point for your trip to Latvia. You will find an international airport in Riga. Air Baltic offers many connections. Riga is also beautiful and can keep you busy for several days. Walking is the best way to see the Old Town. Take a stroll through cobblestone streets to admire the historical houses along the way - which were, by the way, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are many impressive buildings to see along the way. Three houses called the Three Brothers were built by different men from the same family. It is one of Riga's oldest houses, dating back to 1490. The city's exterior appearance has not changed much over the centuries so you can get an idea of how it looked back then. The Swedish Gate and the Cat House are two other remarkable houses that you should visit. They both have Art Nouveau elements. The Cat House is topped by cat statues, which have become a symbol for Riga. Another landmark in Riga is the Swedish Gate. It once linked the town barracks to the inner city. We recommend St Peter's Church if you want to view the Old Town from up high. The tower is 130m tall and offers a spectacular view of Riga.


Kuldiga is located close to the Baltic Sea. It is well-known for its beautiful architecture. The Old Town was built to link the Kuldiga Castle in the 17th and 18th centuries. It has the Aleksupite River within its walls. Here you will also find Venta Rapid, the largest waterfall in the world. As they swim upstream to spawn, you can see fish leaping up in the air. The Venta River offers many options for relaxation, including a walk along the waterfall and exploring various hiking trails. You can then visit one of the many restaurants or coffee shops along the narrow streets. Kuldiga's historic center, Kuldiga's district museum, Kuldiga St. Catherine Church tower, Rezidence Kafe Venta, and Goldingen Room are just a few of the highlights. Before visiting Latvia, see these new regulations about traveling to Europe.


Sigulda is one of the many historical cities of Latvia. It is located in the middle of Gauja National Park (see below), making it an ideal destination for history lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Three beautiful castles can be found in Sigulda. They are all from different periods. The Old and New Castles are the most important. Both castles are impressive and beautiful, as well as the surrounding grounds. Turaida Castle is located across the river from Sigulda. It was constructed from red brick in 1204. The impressive Krimulda Manor is also worth a visit. Sigulda can also be used as a base to explore Gauja National Park. It is located just a few places down this list of the most beautiful places in Latvia. Outdoor and active travelers can go bobsledding in Sigulda. If you have any energy left over, visit Tarzan Adventure Park to enjoy more rides and activities.


Kandava was first mentioned in writing in 1230. As you wander around the old city, it is easy to feel the past. The fort it was built around is now a ruin, but there's a tower from the 14th century. You can feel the spirit of the city in the Old Town Square and adjacent Promenade. Kandava is home to some notable architecture, including many Neo-Gothic townhouses and stone buildings. We hope that you are now more familiar with what to do in Latvia. If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you! See more articles.

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