Cancer Screening Tests In Bangalore
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Cancer Screening Tests In Bangalore

Cancer screening is done for identifying cancer or for any abnormal cells that have the potential to become cancerous in people who show no signs or symptoms. It is seen that screening tests are able to detect cancer early and may reduce the chances of a person’s death from cancer. There are many hospitals that offer cancer screening tests in Bangalore. Every cancer will have a different type of screening test. All kinds of screening tests may not be effective but a person can get general information about his health. Let us look at a few of the common cancer screening tests in Bangalore.

Breast Cancer screening tests

• Mammography can show any anomalies as well as tumors in the breast tissue. It should be done yearly. • Clinical breast examination is where the breast is examined for any changes in the shape, and size of the breast, nipples, and also skin. • The woman can also examine any changes in her breast herself. It should be done monthly. • MRI is used in cases of high-risk breast cancer cases or anyone who has dense breasts.

Cervical Cancer

• Human Papillomavirus Test (HPV) is done for checking cervical cancer cells that are scraped from the woman’s cervix and then tested. The HPV test can also be done along with a Pap smear test.

• Pap Test is also done on the cervix of a woman to identify cancerous cells. It is a very common cancer screening test in Bangalore.

Prostate Cancer

• Rectal Examination - the doctor will examine the prostate for any kind of abnormalities. • A Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test is a blood test that will check for the PSA level of PSA. PSA levels are generally high in the case of prostate cancer. However, high PSA levels may not always mean cancer.

Skin Cancer

• The doctor will do a proper skin examination to identify any signs of cancer. • The person can check their skin themselves in a mirror. • Dermoscopy is done with the help of a handheld device to examine skin areas that appear different.

What are the possible risks of cancer screenings?

Screening tests are considered to be most effective in the early identification of cancers because they are at a stage where they can still be treated. But the screening tests may tend to have some risks.

• Some screenings can find cancer that is not fully developed yet and may not grow to be a threat to the person in the future. • A person can receive harmful drugs even when they may not need them. • Doctors may advise some additional tests which may be costly and unnecessary only because of a false positive. • It can also happen that a test can miss detecting cancer when an individual will actually have it. The patient may not get or avoid treatment when in reality they need it.


A cancer screening test is done for the detection of cell abnormalities in the human body before any symptoms can be seen. It is a preventive health check-up procedure. With the help of screening, the doctors can detect various kinds of cancer and start treatment at the earliest. By the time, the symptoms begin to show, cancer may have already started to spread in the body and may become incurable. Cancer screening tests should be conducted regularly for the early detection of cancer early and to prevent death because of cancer. Many hospitals conduct cancer screening tests in Bangalore. Prominent hospitals in the city offer cancer screening packages that help in the diagnosis of cancer right in the early stages itself.

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