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Embrace the fact that you arrived at your destination. For more than 8 years, UAE-Technician has been fixing mobile devices and resolving related issues. UAE-Technician offers a wide range of laptop and mobile repairing shop near me in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Additionally, we offer the server the finest IT support we can.

We repair Apple( Mobile, iPad), Blackview, Google, Huawei, Honor, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oneplus, Oukitel, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, and Xiaomi mobile phones as well as tablets. Whether you need a new TV, a new battery, or a glass relief, we repair these in our stores frequently indeed while you stay. We also have a wide range of phone accessories.

Is your phone screen or back glass broken? The phone won’t charge or the buttons don’t work Bring your phone to us – we’ll fix it while you stay.

Quick and dependable service

For utmost common phone issues, we do introductory phone conservation with speed and trustability. Most common Mobile repairs are done in an hour and Android repairs in 1- 3 hours. Our technicians use the request’s stylish relief corridor to match your phone’s original corridor. All conservation has a two-time bond, except for battery reserves and humidity damage repairs.

If you accidentally dropped your phone or need to solve an inside issue, start your search for nearby mobile repair providers by typing “mobile repair near me” into Google. By looking up “mobile repair shops near me” online, you can locate UAE-Technician, and once you go to our website, all of your repair-related worries are taken care of.

Pre-purchase online and service in-store when you prefer

Our services can also be pre-purchased online. Simply select and buy your service in advance and you’ll admit online damage that you can accessibly use at all our stores at your preferred time. The pre-purchased service is valid for 2 times from the date of purchase.

Approved by insurance companies

Most common forms of phone damage, similar to broken defenses or speaker malfunctions are covered by insurance. Insurance companies generally accept repairs on your device through your home or trip insurance. Mobile Repairs damage assessments and checks are approved by major Finnish insurance companies. Contact us at +97145864033.

See the chart of your nearest  Mobile Repairs store and have your smartphone or tablet repaired in no time! You don’t need a separate appointment for conservation.

Screen forms and relief services are also available via postal services. Just shoot your mobile device for service as a Volley and Return Service or via Post. The conservation time will take about 3 working days. We assure you you’ll have a high-quality service on time. Guaranteed.

Phone conservation and form services
  • Smartphone screen form and relief
  • Battery relief
  • Refurbished phones
  • Mobile form
  • iPad form
  • Samsung form
  • Huawei/ Honor form
  • OnePlus form
  • Sony form
  • Xiaomi form
  • LG form
  • Nokia form
  • Macbook form

We’ll start repairing it incontinently

form readily in over half an hour. We know how Lonely it feels to be without a phone. We start the form right down and repaired it in over half an hour, at no redundant charge. However, we will inform you, If your device requires prolonged service.

36 months quality guarantee

We’re proud of our moxie and are responsible for our work. We give a 36- month quality guarantee for the form. During the bond period, if the disfigurement recurs due to our form, we will repair the phone again free of charge or refund the price of the original service. The bond doesn’t cover damage or wear caused by the stoner. The service report is bond damage.

Professed workers

We’ve your mobile in good hands. We’re trained professionals in the repairing field. We always use the loftiest quality spare corridor on request and completely know your mobile construction.

Easy delivery

Bring your broken phone to our store or correspondence it to us – both ways are as easy. We serve in shopping promenades across Dubai. Our enrollment system ensures that your mobile arrives with us reliably as a package.

Mobile Screen relief

Is a damaged or cracked screen precluding you from enjoying your cherished Mobile? Don’t sweat it! The professionals at our Cell Phone form offer same-day Mobile screen repairs and a limited continuance bond on all corridors and labor associated with your form. Stop into your original shop moment and admit a free estimate on your Mobile screen form services.

Mobile Water Damage condition

Has your Mobile gone for syncope in the pool, washing machine, or indeed the restroom? Don’t fear! we perform professional water damage repairs on Mobiles of all models. Once you grope your device out of the water, visit your original Mobile Repairs store as soon as possible. We’ll open the device, dry it out, and replace any permanently damaged internal factors. Your Mobile will be working as well as new in no time.

How important Will It Cost?

At our Cell Phone form, we give presto, dependable Mobile repairs services that won’t break the bank. Plus, We offer a limited continuance bond on all corridors and labor associated with your Mobile Repair. However, we’ve got you covered!

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