Project Cars 2 review: Must-buy for racing enthusiasts?

The fact that there are two unique subgenres of racing games reflects the fact that there are also two distinct subgenres of people who play driving games. Some people desire an experience that is similar to an arcade game and provides them a feeling of the pleasure of driving quickly without them having to worry about whether or not it genuinely reflects what occurs on roads or tracks in real life. Others, often those who have aspirations of becoming professional race car drivers, want for the simulation to be as realistic as possible.

Our brief take

Project Cars 2 is a game that absolutely must purchased if you are a devoted fan of auto racing who has an interest in technical areas such as vehicle setup and a basic working grasp of the fundamental concepts of racing. It is so excellent that it will thoroughly educate you how much intrinsic driving talent you possess, and it will not exclude you if you finally fall short on that front. Since it is so wonderful, it will teach you how much innate driving skill you possess.

Yet, if a driving experience in the vein of an arcade game is what you’re after, you may discover that it’s a little too intense for your tastes. On the other hand, you would be passing on an incredible opportunity, seeing as how it is unquestionably one of the best racing games that money can buy.

Cars 2, or Project Cars

It takes a bold game to attempt to play in both of those regions at the same time. But, this was precisely what the now-defunct London-based Slightly Mad Studios intended to achieve with the unexpectedly successful racing video game Project Cars in 2015. The game clearly skewed more towards the simulation end of the category, but it was by no means scary for more casual players.

Assuming that you have an interest in automobiles and how they function, you will like the sequel, which follows a similar plot. Because Project Cars 2 has a very obvious barrier to entry: regardless of driving aptitude, you’ll require a rudimentary grasp of fundamentals like racing lines and weight transfer if you’re going to enjoy playing it. Is it a significant step forward in comparison to the first version?

In this review of Project Cars 2

In Project Cars 2, there is more to the game than just racing. You will also required to make adjustments to the car’s setup in order to advance in the Career mode; however, a digital Race Engineer will listen to your comments and incorporate them as appropriate. In contrast to other racing video games, such as Gran Turismo, which has a “racing license” mode that essentially teaches players the fundamentals of driving on a racetrack, Project Cars 2 does not have such a mode.

If that doesn’t bother you, then you’re in for a real treat: Project Cars 2 completely fixes the major flaws that plagued the previous game, many of which were the result of the fact that it was crowd-funded and developed by an independent team, and improves on the game’s existing advantages. The end product is a recreation of the vast world of racing that is both the most genuine and comprehensive one we have come across to this point.

A number of the most prominent

In comparison to its predecessor, Project Cars, which had a roster of vehicles that drift hunters was quite sparse and lacked a number of the most prominent motor-racing marques and a collection of vintage circuits that was rather incomplete, Project Cars 2 excels in both areas. It has included new forms of motorsports, the most notable of which being an authentic recreation of the IndyCar series, in addition to rallycross and ice racing (which are fun but, ultimately, a tad gimmicky).

The overwhelming majority of the world’s most famous racetracks are included and shown in incredible detail, often in a variety of different configurations. In addition, there is a collection of vintage racing automobiles that will make your mouth wet. For this reason, for instance, we were able to compete in a race around a layout of Silverstone from the 1960s with a 1967 Lotus 49c. It has completely fixed a glaring issue that was present in the first game, which was that once you passed the limits of adhesion, the cars were inordinately difficult to regain control of. After the first title, it revisited its tyre model based on feedback from real-life drivers in various formulae.

The review of Project Cars 2 is titled “Make a Career of it

The ‘Career’ option in Project Cars 2 is an incredible dream come true for everyone who may have at one point in their lives considered pursuing a career in racing but ultimately decided against it because life got in the way. It provides a plausible simulation of real-life racing while still providing a great deal of latitude for player choice.

You begin by selecting your nation, and then you are presented with a selection of several starting formulas. For example, in the United Kingdom, you may get your start in karts, Ginetta Juniors, or Formula Rookie single-seaters. When you finish in the top three of a championship, you have the opportunity to move on to the next level on the racing ladder. If you reach this level, you have the opportunity to make significant advancements, such as moving from Ginetta G40s to single-seaters.

If you continue to improve, you will asked to compete in series across Europe, and then you may work your way up to the highest levels, such as the World GT Series or IndyCar (the game includes IndyCar tracks with corners as well as ovals). Along the road, you will have the opportunity to make an impression on certain automobile manufacturers, who may then give you tests that might lead to works drives. In addition, there are a plethora of invitation-only competitions where disciplines like as rallycross and ice driving included.

Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 is also quite strong when it comes to enabling you build up fantasy racing weekends at certain circuits. During these weekends, you may, for instance, enable drivers from several vehicle classes to compete against one another. When Ginetta asked us to participate in a GT4 vehicle at Cadwell Park, that information proved to very useful. The online component of Project Cars 2 is primarily aimed at die-hard gamers with e-sports aspirations (in fact, there is a whole section for those looking to make the transition from virtual cars to real ones), and the likelihood is high that you will competing against someone who has a pricey wheel-and-pedals rig.

But, in comparison to its predecessor, it provides more accommodations for the casual players among us. For example, a reputation slider in the lobby enables you to choose opponents who are more interested in having fun than pursuing a career in e-sports. The internet component of Project Cars 2 may a bit daunting since there isn’t much that can done to prevent serious racers from participating in events like this. To be fair, it’s simple to organize private competitions or seasons with friends who have abilities comparable to your own.

A look at the ultra-realistic racing simulator Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 is an amazing game in terms of its technological capabilities. In this aspect, Slightly Mad Studios has consistently performed above its station for some time, and the company has spared no effort in developing its most recent game. Weather plays a significant role as well and integrates seamlessly with the LiveTrack 3.0 system to provide the kinds of experiences that you would have in real life, which in turn teaches you a significant amount about track driving. We even found ourselves racing around a foggy Brands Hatch, and we managed to win a round of the Ginetta Juniors at Silverstone, which started off dry but then the heavens opened after a couple of laps, leaving us aquaplaning like mad on slicks by the end of the race. We even found ourselves racing around a foggy Brands Hatch.

You won’t find any ephemera in Project Cars 2 like podium ceremonies or meetings with sponsors or agents, if that’s the kind of thing you prefer to see in your racing video games. It avoids distractions like bells and whistles so that it can focus on the race, which, depending on your point of view, is either a good or a negative thing. But, due to the fact that it is so genuine, even the most basic equations will teach you something new about yourself.

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