Irresistible Tools To Add Google Reviews To Squarespace App

Customer reviews have recently created a niche for themselves in the internet space. And adding reliable and trustworthy customer reviews on your website also acts as a strategic move for marketers. While we have touched upon the topic of reliable and authentic customer reviews we have to consider the most trusted platform Google. Google reviews often regarded as My Google Business reviews are highly influential and impactful. They have the potential to exceptionally induce and inject your website’s performance on the internet space by manifolds.

Trusted by millions of potential customers and users around the world, marketers can consider adding a Squarespace Google reviews widget on their websites. Squarespace is one of the best website development portals and is among the top picks of renowned website developers. Thus, in order to save our readers and website enthusiasts some time gathering information and hunting down the most suitable social media aggregator tools to add Google reviews on Squarespace websites, we have curated a list of first-rate tools. 

This list of suggested tools will help the readers to make wise decisions. Before we move forward in suggesting our readers with the tools let’s make our readers understand the importance of Google reviews for their Squarespace websites;

Why are Google Reviews Beneficial for Your Website?

Do you know that 89% of online shoppers, look for online reviews before they make a purchase? And Google with the largest user base shares the maximum share in these statistics. And therefore, you should be well aware of the advantages Squarespace Google review widget can bring to your business. 

We have carefully highlighted the reasons that will assist the reader’s understanding of the benefits and advantages of adding Google reviews to the Squarespace website;

1. Adds credibility to the website:

Your customers are looking for proof that your past customers have loved your products. And what’s better than a Google reviews widget on the website? Embedding Google reviews on your website makes it stand out from the competitor’s website and adds to its credibility. A credible and trustworthy website will garner more attention online from internet audiences.

2. Increases SEO rankings:

Adding Google reviews to your Squarespace website increases and improves its SEO rankings. And better search engine rankings eventually reflect positively in improved website visibility online. Eventually, higher rankings indicate a positive website image on the internet spectrum.

3. Increases website traffic:

You can expect your website traffic to increase after integrating Google reviews on it. Your website will be able to steer desired traffic in its direction leading to enhanced reach and managed website traffic bounce rates effectively.

4. Beautifies the Website:

Adding a customized review widget on your Squarespace website would add to its charm and make it visually- pleasing and attractive. A beautiful and attractive website would hold the website visitor’s attention span for a longer period of time.

Let us further look at the curated list of some fantastic and amazing social media aggregator review aggregator tools laid down for our reader’s swift and seamless embedding experience;

Fantastic and First-rate Tools to Add Google Reviews On Your Squarespace Website For Free:

The below-mentioned are handpicked and selected fantastic social media aggregator tools that will enhance and simplify the reader’s embedding experience.  Thus, the readers can rely on these super-efficient social media aggregator tools to add Google reviews to Squarespace conveniently;

#1 Tagembed Review Widget:

To start with our list of suggestions we have one of the most reliable and paramount social media aggregator tools, Tagembed. This review aggregator tool has integrations from over 20+ prominent social media platforms. Tagembed lets its users collect, curate, and embed preferred content from their chosen social media platforms like Instagram, Google, Twitter, etc. 

Moreover, the tool provides a particular and dedicated Google review widget that can be fully personalized to the user’s needs and requirements. The user can conveniently change the layout design and font of the widget to make it more attractive and prone to attention from website visitors. The tool is completely coding-free and hence does not require the users to have the technical expertise and pre-acquired knowledge of coding. Besides, the user can also try their hands on the moderation panel to remove the Google reviews that does not go with their marketing campaigns. 

#2 Curator:

The next prominent social media aggregator tool on our list is Curator. The tool is remarkably simple and easy to use. The tool allows the user to insert and search for targeted and specific hashtags for a rapid embedding process. Curator also provides a banter of options for styling and designing templates.

Along with that, the tool offers new-age and modern optimal features to enhance the look and feel of the widget. The tool has a responsive widget that is screen and user-friendly. The user can access many leading social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. This social media aggregator tool is extremely compatible with many leading websites designing platforms including Squarespace.

#3 EmbedSocial:

Last but not least we have EmbedSocial. The platform is regarded as the one-stop solution for UGC and social media content aggregators. The platforms like the previously mentioned tools this tool very much compatible with several social media platforms. The platform allows the user to gather their preferred content and embed it on their Squarespace website with ease and in just a few clicks!

The user can also make likely adjustments to the Squarespace Google reviews widget in terms of its height and width making it attractive and effective in managing the website’s traffic. Moreover, the tool allows the user to monitor and supervise the performance of the review widget once it is live on their website.

Our Verdict:

Summing up the topic of the first-rate and fantastic tools our readers can consider while they are opting to embed Google reviews on Squarespace websites.  Also, we have highlighted some of the best points that validate the rationality and importance of adding the Squarespace Google reviews widget on the website. Over to our readers for a suitable and appropriate selection of social media aggregator tools.

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