How to draw a cake
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How to draw a cake

How to draw a cake

Learn to draw an excellent easy cartoon cake with easy step-by-step cool drawings instructions and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful drawing of easy cartoon cakes. Do you want to learn to draw an easy cartoon cake? This drawing tutorial on the food theme is there to help you dominate the easy cartoon contour. The donkey was right when he said that everyone loved the cake. Several types of cakes, including sweet bread, are found worldwide.


CAPA cakes such as this illustration are trendy in Europe and North America and have been for hundreds of years. Wedding cakes are an example. Although several cakes and cakes were served during weddings since ancient times, the modern wedding cake made its debut during the marriage of Prince Leopold of Great Britain in 1882. Wedding cakes are often at several levels and decorated with flowers. The cake of our illustration also has a candle at the top. It is common in birthday cakes worldwide. The celebrant can be invited to fly the candles and make a wish. It could be attributed to candles in honor of the goddess Artemis in ancient Greece. Whatever the opportunity, it's time to draw a tasty cake and enjoy a portion!


Drawing an easy cartoon cake

Step 1:

Start the easy cartoon cake by drawing two lines in the right vertical parallel. These will include the flanks of the bottom layer of the cake.

Step 2:

Draw a curved line that connects the vertical lines on the top. It forms the upper part of the cake layer, but remember that it will erase part of this line to leave space for more diapers.

Step 3:

Draw a curved line that connects the bottom vertical lines surrounding the cake's base layer.

Step 4:

Draw a curved line at the lid of the cake. It will show the top of the patty an appearance of three dimensions and rounded. Keep in mind that this line does not connect to the edges of the scheme.

Step 5:

Draw a large oval that surrounds the bottom of the cake. It is the plate, the tray, or the cake support in which the cake rests.

Step 6:

Draw a series of isolated lines in the form of a "U" at the top of the cake. It indicates the glaze and the decorations. Keep in mind that the lines follow smaller lines.

Step 7:

Draw two additional cake layers, erasing if required. First, draw two parallel lines attached at the base by a curved line. Relate the lines to the top using a series of "u" lines. On this layer, draw two other parallel vertical lines and connect them at the bottom using a curved line. In the upper part, connect the vertical lines using a series of large and small lines "u."

Then complete the top of the cake with a straight line. Connect the sides of the central layer at the bottom of the upper layer with curved lines.

Step 8:

Decorate your cake with Marguerite or sunflower flowers. For each flower, draw a large circle in the center, with small "u" ​​-shaped lines around it to indicate the petals.

Step 9:

Complete your easy cartoon cake plan by drawing a candle at the top, erasing if essential. Use serial lines for the flanks of the candle and secure them with a curved line at the base.

Then use curved lines to enclose the fusion wax at the top. Draw a tear form in a larger form of a tear to indicate the flame.

Step 10:

Color your cake at several levels. Marriage cakes are often white, but your cake can be any color you want!

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