Easy To Understand Guide: Crochet Braiding Hair Packs
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Easy To Understand Guide: Crochet Braiding Hair Packs
If you haven't tried a crochet braid hairstyle, you're probably missing out on some serious style points. Crochet braids are adorable protective styles that require little maintenance and are incredibly simple to put on and take off. This unique braided hairstyle is created by looping faux hair extensions through your hair with a crochet needle using crochet braiding hair packs. With crochet braids, you can achieve a variety of styling options on different textures, such as a long hairstyle one day and a short one the next.

How Many Hair Packs Do You Require For Your Crochet Braids?

This is usually determined by the style or length desired. You will typically need 3-6 crochet braiding hair packs to achieve your desired crochet braids.

How Long Can You Keep Your Crochet Braiding Going?

You can wear your crochet braids for 4-8 weeks. However, if you live in an area with high humidity, you may need to keep it in for 4 weeks to allow your scalp to breathe.

How Do You Care For Your Natural Hair In Crochet Braids?

Use a leave-in conditioner spray daily to care for your natural hair while it's in crochet braiding hair. You can also apply your favorite natural oil to your scalp to keep it from drying.

Do Crochet Braids Harm Your Hair?

They are not likely to harm your hair. It is, however, entirely up to your hairstylist to prevent this from happening. You must remind your hairstylist not to braid the cornrows beneath your crochet braids too tightly or to install them too tightly. If possible, request that your hairstylist leave your edges loose and use an edge control gel to lay your edges. It makes your crochet hair less prone to damage.

5 Best Crochet Braiding Hair Packs Hairstyles

The following are some of the hairstyles you can try using crochet braiding hair packs: 

1. Crochet With Curly Bangs

What could be better than curly crochet? Crochet with curly bangs. These small springy curls running down your face length will look fantastic. You can fluff it with your hands if you want more volume.

2. Crochet Twist Braids Long

Instead of spending hours at the salon getting your twists done, use this crochet to create your favorite chunky twists. This saves you a lot of time and better protects your hair.

3. Crochet Curls In Blonde

With this look, go for a mix of loose curls and a gorgeous blonde color. And it's ideal if you've always wanted to wear a color other than black.

4. Crochet Box Braids In Medium Length

Box braids typically take a long time to complete, but you can choose the simplest way to wear them. Crochet box braids are worth a try if you want glamour without the stress.

5. Crochet Braids Top Knot Half Up Half Down

With these crochet braids, try a half-up, half-down hairstyle. This top knot is made by making cornrows and attaching the crochet at the ends to avoid pulling your hair up. Don't be the boring lady wearing the same hairstyles for so long; get amazing hairstyles with crochet braiding hair  from braiding hair vendors hair and look your best.  

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