Cowhide area rugs a great choice for high-traffic areas
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Cowhide area rugs a great choice for high-traffic areas
Shaggy area rugs and cowhide area rugs are among the most popular types of rugs. Their thick pile and plush texture makes them incredibly soft and comfortable to stand on. This style works well in contemporary living rooms because they can be used with any color scheme and can dress up even the most boring floors. Keep these living room decorating tips in mind as you shop for a new rug. You'll find your new area rug in no time! Mat the basics is the leading Rugs Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Supplier in the United States. At Mat the basics, we’re building on our history of creating beautiful flooring and home furnishings. We strive to be a design leader, the world’s number one rugs manufacturer and supplier and collaborate with like-minded companies, designers, and consumers to make a difference in the lives of those who work on these beautiful products. The team of weavers, craftspeople, and designers at Mat the Basics are true artists, their presence is celebrated, and they are praised for their inventiveness and dedication. If you're on a tight budget, you can purchase faux cowhide area rugs. These rugs come in many colors and patterns. They are durable, washable, and easy on your wallet. If you want to invest in a real cowhide rug, however, you can expect to spend a little more money. These rugs will resist dust and mold, so you won't have to worry about deep cleaning them.

Why to Opt for Shaggy Area Rugs

If you're on a budget, you can opt for a shaggy area rugs. These rugs are made of long, luscious fibers that have not been trimmed. They come in many colors and patterns and are made of cotton, polyester, faux fur, and synthetic fibers. These rugs are best suited for upscale settings, as their long strands add a wonderful look and enhance the quality of the space. They also tie together the furniture in the room. If you're looking for a durable shag rug, Ivory Shaggy area rugs and cowhide area rugs is one of the best options. Available in sizes of 7x9 to 9x12, this shag rug offers a modern, minimalist look. If you're worried about how to clean it, you can vacuum the rug or wash it in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to clean the shag rug for you for a small fee. If you have hardwood floors, you might want to opt for a shaggy area rugs and cowhide area rugs. They are ideal for the ambiance of a classic living room and are very mellow. They will add a touch of elegance to your living room, whether you place it underneath a favorite sofa or in front of a fireplace. Their textured, plush pile will make you feel comfortable and at home. You can put a shag rug right next to a sofa to add an extra layer of warmth to the room.

Durability of Shaggy Area Rugs

If you want a more durable shag rug, consider purchasing one made from polyester or nylon. These rugs will not fade and will last longer than their wool counterparts. The downside is that acrylic rugs may be harder to clean, so you should choose a wool-based shag rug if you have a small budget. Unlike acrylic, wool shag rugs are naturally stain-resistant and will last for many years. For a sophisticated look, try a shag rug with an ikat border. Dark hues add a sense of warmth to the rug. Shag rugs come in a variety of shades, so you can find one that works well with your decor scheme. If you have an eclectic or modern living room, you can opt for a shag rug in white leather. If you have a minimalistic decor, you can choose a more neutral shade of the same color to balance out the area rug's pattern. They are a wonderful way to add personality to your home. They also serve as floor protection and can help keep rooms warmer. And while they may not be the most practical option for your living room, they can be an excellent investment. Shaggy area rugs and Cowhide area rugs are available in several types of materials. There are shag rugs made from polyester, faux fur, or acrylic. There are also rugs made of polyester that are perfect for high-traffic areas, such as under a desk. The material and texture of shag rugs can also vary. It is important to consider the amount of foot traffic your room receives, as well as any potential staining. Please Read Our Related Blogs. WHITE AREA RUGS – HOW TO CHOOSE STYLISH AND NEUTRAL AREA RUGS

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