Ways To Hide TV Wires Perfectly
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Ways To Hide TV Wires Perfectly
You need not be critical when it comes to hiding TV wires perfectly. The best interior designing company Kolkata can help you with this. You are in love with your flat screen TV, and you do not want the slim lines to ruin the look of the room. This article highlights the tips that can help you hide the TV wires perfectly. 

Safety considerations to keep in mind

Raceways and surface mount channels cannot be utilised for hiding current building wire. Professionalism is needed within walls for protection. This can be done by commercial interior design Kolkata professionals if it is about your office.  Power supply cords for television and other electronic devices usually can be installed within surface mount channels and the raceways. Before you do so, make sure to check the safety of the device and the instructions. Speaker wires, data cables, Ethernet cords and other wires that carry low voltage can also be run through channels and raceways or can be kept exposed. 

How to hide TV wires perfectly?

There are lots of ways to hide TV wires and these are the tips that can help you. 

Tuck away the TV wires in cable management box

The power strip on your floor refers to the source of many visual problems. Multiple power cords come out of it. It leads to a cord traffic jam that attracts co-webs and detritus like a magnet. In this case, a cable management box can be helpful.  Cable management box can hide the power strip and wires within a container that appears like it belongs there. General colours are white, black, off white and more. They also come in painted versions. If you cannot hide TV wires in a cable management box, you can refer to the best interior designing company Kolkata as they come with professional tools to hide TV wires

Replace the TV wires with smaller wires

Long TV wires that move around the floor can be complicated to minimise even with ties and cable management boxes. One of the primary solutions to do in this case is replacing them with shorter wires.  Coaxial, power wires, HDMI and data cables come in numerous lengths. Speaker wires with their tips can also be manually cut and stripped back to the original length. If you are not able to carry out this solution, and you are looking forward to hiding the TV wires in your professional chamber, you can always come across professionals providing services related to commercial interior design Kolkata

Conceal the TV wires in channels and wall raceways

Wall mounted TV wires have some distance to go upward but they still remain invisible. Based on the dimension of your television and the Mount height, the distance can be from 10 to 30 inches. Channels and wall raceways come to the rescue for this problem.  If you are not equipped enough with these terms, you can contact a professional providing services related to commercial interior design Kolkata. They have years of experience that can help hide the TV wires. If you decide to close the lower outlet, you simply need to add another blank outlet wall covering that can be purchased at an affordable rate. 

Wrapping up

These are some of the tips that can help you hide the TV wires easily. Feel free to contact the best interior designing company Kolkata to give your living room a clean look free from wires and clutter. The interior designing professionals come with lots of experience in dealing with these petty matters. So, when you reach out to them, they will be more than eager to help you with this problem.   

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