Looking for the Right Set Top Box for Your TV? Consider These Factors
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Looking for the Right Set Top Box for Your TV? Consider These Factors
As we are ushered into a digital world, devices like smart TVs, smartphones, and laptops have become staples in every household. The HD digital revolution has urged viewers to consume and enjoy the content that is crisp and high resolution. Not just on streaming forums but also on TV. When it comes to the choice of the best hardware and set-top boxes for your TV, there is a lot of confusion. Getting yourself, the best of the Spectrum TV packages with the chicest channel tier with all your favorite TV networks is easy. Getting customized entertainment options is no longer a problem. But considering all the relevant features can be tricky. Let us help you make the right choice and consider all the pertinent features while shopping for a digital set-top box.


Your set-top box needs to display dynamic functionality. That’s exactly why manufacturers are in fierce competition when it comes to enhanced functionality and features. In this regard, considering customer needs and preferences is pivotal. Viewers today are all about more value. Therefore, incorporating features like DVR, delayed broadcasting, and live streaming can interest many users. Gone are the days when TV viewers would be glued to the screen right before their favorite show goes on air. Today, they are more about their tailored preferences and leisure time. With enhanced functionalities like DVR and on-demand libraries, they have the liberty to enjoy the content as and when they want to! Therefore, make sure you scrutinize the offered functionalities of your set-top box before you get one.

Key Features

Have you heard of comparison shopping? If yes, then you need to practice it when shopping for a digital set-top box! It is crucial to make a fair comparison of the offered features before you decide to procure a set-top box. Moreover, it is noteworthy that some TV boxes come with inclusive and exceptional features such as full HD support, enhanced performance features, picture-in-picture functionality, and so much more. If you are all about experiencing cutting-edge technologies and advanced products, take your time to explore the key features of the set-top boxes you have shortlisted. Fortunately, manufacturers understand the competitive market landscape. Therefore, they are doing their best to offer state-of-the-art features to stand out from the crowd.

Packages and Offers

Service providers have also understood the dynamics of customers for their own good. They offer customized plans and channel tiers to cater to the diverse entertainment needs of their clientele. You need to consider the entertainment preferences of your entire family before you decide to subscribe to a plan. Moreover, you will also need some extra cash for sports or lifestyle add-ons. Determine and enquire about the facility to switch between different offered plans. In addition, take your time to know about basic as well as premium bundles. Ask about the time taken in adding a new TV network to your existing plan and all such relevant questions. This may be time-consuming, but doing so will help you make the right decision for this long-term investment.

The Price Tag

One of the most important factors to consider when you are buying something is to have a clear understanding of the pricing. The billing mode you want to choose should be based on your preferences. Therefore, ask about the billing options available. Most of the users prefer paying bills on a monthly basis. However, some individuals would like to pay the entire year upfront to avail of whopping discounts. For instance, some service providers encourage their customers to enjoy a 10% discount on making a one-year payment. Moreover, you know about the equipment fees, installation charges, and all other miscellaneous charges involved. Some providers keep them hidden.

Channel Tiers

Manufacturers advertise massive channel lineups to lure in more customers. And the customers may end up missing the caveats in tiny font about the availability and terms & conditions associated with those channel lineups. Therefore, make sure that you get clarity about the number of channels offered. Also, be clear about free, premium, and add-on channels. As mentioned earlier, gain clarity about how the new TV channels are added to your existing channel lineup. Moreover, ensure that your favorite entertainment genres are covered. There’s no point in having access to a channel lineup of 300+ channels if you don’t have access to the channels that you love.


Installation charges need to be clear because sometimes they can take you by surprise. Whilst choosing the set-top box, gain clarity about the installation charges right at the time of ordering or booking your connection. Most of the service providers offer free installation. But if they don’t, you need to know beforehand. Moreover, gain clarity about whether the installation charges cover the cost of cables and clips. If they don’t, you may need to figure out the per meter cost of cables. Do some research about the charges implemented if you want to relocate your connection! Gathering plenty of info now will allow you to make a well-informed decision. After assessing all the aforementioned characteristics, make sure you get a TV box that is user-friendly and flexible. Every member of the family, especially the elderly and children should be able to operate it. Speaking from experience, I chose the perfect plan from the range of Optimum cable TV packages. However, the TV box was a bit complex to handle but the easy-to-follow user manual took care of that. So, consider all these factors and tips to make the right choice.

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