5 Things That Make A Cosmetic Packaging Attractive
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5 Things That Make A Cosmetic Packaging Attractive
There are some industries that have much potential of developing loyal customers. The cosmetic industry is one of them. A number of brands exist in the market offering the same type of cosmetic products. This makes the market more competitive. Every brand wants to grab maximum business and lead the market. For this purpose, highly attractive cosmetic packaging is used. The use of custom boxes is important in this aspect. It makes their products look different unique and beautiful. Different customized features can be introduced on the packaging box to make them stand out. Various things should be considered. Below are 5 main things that make cosmetic packaging attractive:


The main thing to be considered is the mood and personality you want to depict by your packaging. It's your choice you want to remain minimalistic in style, keep it natural or do something bold. If you need some illustrations or photography, work on it. Whatever style you choose, stick to it. It will move forward to your entire product range.  Locking your style facilitates your packaging. Moreover, it helps the customers to remember your brand as they have a look at the packaging.


Choosing colors is a critical decision. Colors play an important role in determining the success and failure of your brand. Select the color which matches your brand personality and grasp the customer's attention. Color is the thing that can make you stand out from the competition. Using a combination of colors can make an unusual and eye-catching design. Going for some bold colors like black and gold can add a luxurious touch. Using white with any light shade is perfect for adding a natural touch. Pink is a widely used color in different cosmetic and beauty care products. It is fun working with the feminine color. It adds a cheerful mood to your cosmetic brand. All these color schemes work well. Just focus on which of them best fits your brand personality. Once you identify the right one it can make your cosmetic products stand out on retail shelves.


The next thing which makes cosmetic packaging attractive is typography or fonts. Like colors, you are always in the search of fonts that add uniqueness to your products. Attractive typography helps the customers to recognize your brand when they are scanning the shelves. With the help of fonts, you can introduce a modern or a classic look to your custom packaging. Go for the fonts which are easy to read even on a small size compact box. Typography helps you to remain consistent across your entire product range.

 Material and Printing Options:

While designing your cosmetic packaging, consider the material and printing options. There are a number of options to analyze. Just gather all of them in your mind. For more complicated packaging you need a higher budget. For example in the case of shampoo, it has to be stored in the shower. So make its labels in a way that can withstand heat and does not feature away with water pressure. Analyzing various online printing options helps you to create a particular look for your product packaging. You can create a 3D effect by introducing things like embossing, debossing, UV spot, foil-stamping, etc. This helps you to create high-value luxurious packaging. You may also hire a designer to work best with your materials and online printing options. They help you to find a combination of both which best fits your brand and budget.

 Using Different Layers of Packaging:

Using different layers of packaging for your cosmetic brand helps you to make it more attractive. While making a packaging design, focus on all the three layers of packaging i.e. product packaging, inner and outer packaging. Product packaging is the thing that holds the product itself. In the case of foundation, the plastic tube or glass bottle will serve as the product packaging. The custom boxes used to provide protection to the product serve as inner packaging. It keeps the product safe during transportation and storage. The last one is the outer packaging. Using a bag to package your product at the retail location is a form of the outer packaging. This shows that the customers are delivered with a high-quality product on their purchase.

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