Top Best GoToMeeting Alternatives You Should Check Out
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Top Best GoToMeeting Alternatives You Should Check Out
This blog talks about all the alternatives and other platforms that one can use instead of GoToMeeting. We all have gotten the hang of GoToMeeting during the pandemic when we were compelled to stay indoors.  GoToMeeting is a comprehensive online platform that one can use to host online meetings, webinars, and conferences. This particular platform gained so much popularity during the pandemic. However, with time, not many organizers and users are finding this platform equally compatible, and are not able to keep up with it, which is fine.  Keeping that in mind and addressing the need of the hour, here, we are going to talk about some of the best alternatives to GoToMeeting.   
  • Mixhubb: 

The first name that crosses our mind when we talk about the first and the top alternative to GoToMeeting. It is a self-managed online platform that comes with several functionalities helping organizers execute their events in the best possible way. Being a customizable platform, it enables users to design their events according to their needs and requirements. Not only this, Mixhubb is a scalable platform, which means that users can host their events without worrying much about the kind and size of events and organization. It means no matter how small or big of an event you want to host, this online conference platform allows you to do that without any hassle.  Also, it comes with a set of exclusive features which includes screen sharing and recording, file sharing, live chat, video calls, Networking Tables, etc. Not only this, but it also provides users with live detailed analytics that helps them analyze their strategies and evaluate the success of their online meetings, webinars, and conferences.  On top of that, Mixhubb is a pocket-friendly tool. Also, it offers a month-long free trial to its users. Users can utilize this period for hosting an unlimited number of events on Mixhubb.   
  • Livestorm: 

The next name that pops up when we talk about the top GoToMeeting is Livestorm, used to host online meetings that are suitable for all kinds of users. Apart from meetings, Livestorm can host webinars, online conferences, training meetings, demos, etc. It is a web-based online platform that one can use on any device of their choice. Not only this, Livestorm comes with a detailed dashboard with features to help organizers plan, promote and sponsor their events successfully. On top of that, Livestorm comes with several integrations such as Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. The integration capabilities help users elevate the level of your online events.   
  • Cyberlink uMeetings: 

Cyberlink uMeetings is one of the platforms you can get your hands on if you are targeting small meetings. This platform comes with a free plan which you can use to host meetings with up to 25 people. Not only this, this platform comes with 5 laser pointers for participants. To ensure maximum safety of the online meetings and confidentiality of the data, it comes with encryptions. Also, you can password protect your meetings to give full security to the platform, and protect them from online threats and security issues.   
  • Adobe Connect: 

This prominent online conferencing platform is best suited for small to mid-sized companies in both the private and public sectors. This platform ensures maximum control and enables users to host their meetings with utmost accuracy and efficiency. Also, it comes with several advanced features, one of which is Prepare Mode. This tool helps users to have a look at all the aspects of the meeting before going live with it. In addition, Adobe offers several audience engagement and networking tools to users, such as live polls, surveys, whiteboards, etc. To keep things easy during a session, Adobe provides users with a ‘raise hand’ feature. With this feature, attendees can put across their points without creating chaos in the meetings.   
  • Skype:

Skype is one name that we have grown up using and listening about. This online conference platform is easy-to-use and comes with several features helping users to communicate with people across the globe smoothly. Though Skype has lost its relevance over time, and other platforms have taken over the popularity of Skype, there is no doubt the fact that Skype is still one of the most relevant online platforms for hosting online conferences. To help you put across your points clearly and more effectively, this platform enables you to host high-resolution PowerPoint presentations. In addition to this, Skype comes with features such as polling, recording, and many more like them.  Apart from this, Skype comes with a web scheduler that allows users to schedule their meetings in advance. Also, it enables you to manage the time of the meetings, have an overview, remove meetings from the schedule, etc. Moreover, to make the meetings look better, Skype lets users customize their participants' views.   

Last but not least, we have, a promising online platform that comes with a set of robust features. It is an easy-to-setup online platform that doesn’t require organizers to spend hefty sums of money on planning and hosting events. Moreover, it comes with an intuitive interface that lets users set up plans and execute their events in minimum time and effort. Also, being a user-friendly platform, it doesn’t require advanced knowledge for accessing the platform and hosting the event. Not only this, it comes with features such as screen sharing, toll-free audio, live presentations, whiteboards, etc. With this platform, you can host meetings with as many as 150 attendees to 3000 attendees at one time. Apart from it, comes with integration capabilities with tools such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, etc.    Though GoToMeeting is an expert online platform for hosting online meetings and conferences, there’s no denying that this platform has been losing its popularity. The reason is that there are several other platforms that have taken over and come with more features than GoToMeeting.  So, when we talk about the alternatives to GoToMeeting, the above-given platforms are our top picks. So, if you are also on a hunt for the best alternatives to this platform, we believe it is the right place to stop that hunt.   

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