What are Hadoop and its main benefits?
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What are Hadoop and its main benefits?
Before starting this article, let us first understand what Hadoop is and what are its main benefits. It is a framework that you can use to store and manage a large amount of data. It has several advantages, including being open-source and user-friendly. Moreover, you may use this powerful platform to maintain and manage a large amount of data. It is a data processing paradigm with distributed storage and parallel computing that can successfully manage data difficulties. In addition, it is a processing framework that has made enormous improvements in such a way that it helps to process and store data. When compared to alternative architectures, It has demonstrated significant performance in dealing with all difficulties. We will also explain how you can study this course and where you can acquire it, as well as how Hadoop Online Training might benefit you. After understanding the meaning of Hadoop, let us now move towards learning the benefits of Hadoop.

Benefits of Hadoop

Hadoop offers multiple benefits to the organization and the developer. Such benefits are as follows:
It is open-source in nature. It means its source code is openly accessible. We can modify the source code as per business requirements. Even there are different versions of Hadoop available.
It works on a cluster of machines. It is highly scalable, and you as a user can increase the size of such a cluster by adding new nodes as per requirement without worrying about any downtime. Thus, it is the new way of adding machines known as horizontal scaling. On the other hand, increasing components like doubling up the hard disk and the RAM is called vertical scaling.
What if your system fails after completing 90% of your work? You may be in big trouble. But Hadoop can resolve this issue with ease. By default, every block in HDFS has a replication factor. It makes several copies of each data block and stores them in separate places.
Schema independent
Hadoop can process several forms of data. It is adaptable enough to hold multiple data types and can work on both data and schemes simultaneously.


Finally, these were the crucial benefits that show why It has a great demand. If you are thinking about how to learn Hadoop, then Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Delhi can help you with different processes to learn this course and become a professional.

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