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Propel Your Blockchain Development Process With Blockedge

Blockchain is a technology that has existed for a long time. Its impact has spread beyond bitcoin and other cryptocurrency applications.

While most technologies are designed to address commercial and social issues, blockchain technology stands out for its high level of security and transparency while remaining decentralised and inclusive.

Enterprise blockchain technology enables your firm to operate in a consistent, efficient, and secure manner. Blockchain services can provide several options for firms in various industries due to the decentralised and immutable nature of blockchain-based private business solutions.

Many well-known corporations have recognised the value of blockchain technologies in improving corporate operations and lowering expenses. A rising number of Global 2000 organisations are already embracing blockchain-based platforms to develop business relationships in critical industries including financial services and global trade.

Do you consider blockchain adoption to be a difficult and perplexing process?

It isn't just you who feels this way; practically every corporation does. The difficulty of integrating existing IT infrastructure into a blockchain platform is the key reason behind this.

The adoption of blockchain in consortiums is made more difficult by the fact that each member's interests and physical location may differ. Other constraints that have slowed blockchain adoption include corporate demands and access control needs.

Scalability, restricted interoperability, a scarcity of blockchain developers, developing standards, high energy requirements, and a lack of legislative certainty are just a few of the obstacles that have slowed blockchain's adoption.

Blockedge provides full Enterprise Blockchain Consulting services that ensure scalability, compliance, and security, putting an end to your blockchain concerns.


Blockedge is a Blockchain Infrastructure Automation Platform that automates the entire process from start to finish. It makes blockchain adoption simple because it doesn't require any coding and can be readily incorporated into your current IT infrastructure.

It's a scalable platform that works with a variety of cloud and blockchain systems. Blockedge can help you avoid all of the arduous steps involved in using blockchain technology. Blockedge, in a nutshell, is the solution to your enterprise blockchain issues.

Do you have questions on how to manage your Blockchain infrastructure? That will be taken care of by Blockedge. Blockedge will assist you in the following ways.

  • Support for blockchain operations
  • Transaction tracking and ledgers
  • Continual compliance and security

Do you find blockchain technology to be perplexing? As you embark on your journey into the blockchain realm, our professionals are here to offer advice and direction.

  • Use case identification to your advantage.
  • Inspection of the infrastructure
  • Evaluation of the blockchain technology stack
  • Analyze compliance and regulatory norms
  • advice from the consortium
  • Your blockchain implementation will go smoothly. Simply sit back and relax as Blockedge takes care of the heavy lifting on the backend.
  • Designing a solution and developing a digital application
  • Contract management that is smart
  • IT integration in the enterprise Production implementation

Why should you choose Blockedge over other options?

  • Blockedge removes all of the complications that come with building and managing a blockchain network.
  • On the fly, create a dedicated URL
  • Deployment with no code
  • Infrastructure management with a graphical user interface
  • Security and tight governance
  • All of these factors make implementing your blockchain system a breeze.

What distinguishes Blockedge from the competition?

Deployment of Multiple Clouds

Have you made any cloud infrastructure investments yet? Don't be scared; Blockedge comes from a cloud-based parent firm with over 13 years of experience.

It works with all three major cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. You also won't have to worry about your blockchain network partners' cloud platforms. Blockedge enables you to build permissioned networks on any cloud platform to meet your specific blockchain solution needs.

  • dApplet

DApplet is Blockedge's Rapid Prototype Studio, which allows for speedier dApp deployment and blockchain transactions. DApplet lets you design forms with any data type and select nodes for your dApp. You can simply design a highly flexible and iterative blockchain architecture with Blockedge and dApplet, and administer its network from anywhere with minimal downtime.

  • Support for many cloud nodes

Do your business partners use a variety of cloud platforms? In a single network, Blockedge may support nodes from many cloud platforms. Regardless of the cloud platform they use, you can easily invite members from partner organisations to join the blockchain network.

  • Support for several platforms

Blockedge can run Hyperledger V1.4, Hyperledger V 2.3, and Ethereum blockchain platforms. Blockedge can operate both Hyperledger and Ethereum at the same time if your company wants to use both for different purposes. This one-of-a-kind feature aids in the easy creation and development of consortium blockchains.

  • Kube UI support is available.

Blockedge is a cloud-agnostic Kubernetes as a Service provider that can autonomously organise, deploy, and run a company's blockchain and associated services. Customers can monitor their blockchain and associated deployments using Kube UI and associated dashboard.

  • Security features that are more advanced

With the policy manager tool, Blockedge protects organisational privacy within the blockchain network. Every time a user logs in, Blockedge follows a zero-trust policy and employs multi-factor authentication. All transactions are available to all permissioned members of your blockchain network, but nodes are only visible to the organisations to which they belong.


While blockchain is gaining traction and acceptability in a variety of industries, there are still significant difficulties to be resolved before widespread implementation.

As the blockchain ecosystem matures and new use cases arise, businesses will face a complicated and sometimes competing set of constraints, as well as new dependencies. Because the technology is still in its early stages, businesses will face a variety of challenges before successfully using it.

Companies may make their blockchain adoption journey faster, smoother, and more cost-effective by using Blockedge's blockchain services.

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