How Do You Save Your Home From Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning?
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How Do You Save Your Home From Summer Heat Without Air Conditioning?
Here are some simple and proven tips to help you withstand the summer heat and cool your home or apartment. Click here to see luxury apartments for rent in Lahore. When the thermometer hits record highs, you want to escape to a cool room. What about those who don't have air conditioning at home?

 Sun protection

Everyone wants to stay comfortable any time of the year no matter where they live. Therefore, regardless of location, only tightly closed windows help reduce the influence of sunlight in summer and therefore reduce the heating of the apartment. This is especially true for residential buildings with large or panoramic glazing. There are various options such as blackout curtains, roller blinds, and even blinds. Alternatively, you can consider gluing the windows from the inside with a specific film or simple foil. Unfortunately, although our first advice will allow you to slow down the process of heating the apartment in the summer, it will not completely save you from the heat. Therefore, it is worth connecting other cooling methods.

Cool the Air

Everyone knows that there is a relatively affordable and effective alternative to air conditioners in the form of fans. Even a budget device can ideally help you get rid of the high temperature if you use a little life trick: put a container of ice water under the airflow (you can also moisten the curtains with a spray bottle).

 Special Cleaning

Wet cleaning is essential in the heat. But when cleaning the apartment, follow a few more simple steps: Remove unnecessary textiles and decor items: Carpets, bedspreads, rugs, decorative pillows and capes absorb heat well. Pay attention to the bedspreads: replace the set with natural materials (linen or cotton is preferred).

 Add Green Plants

There are never too many indoor plants, especially now, when we have so many and varied design techniques for their use in the interior of a home as well as in a home for sale. From a practical standpoint, vibrant green plants help purify the air more, and their regular watering helps moisten dry, warm rooms.

Use Summer Material for Home Renovation

A comfortable microclimate in the heat begins with the materials you use to decorate walls, floors, and ceilings. So, for example, porcelain stoneware and natural stone will well remove excess heat. And linoleum - it heats up and does not let air through. It is also worth considering at the laying stage - on hot days, solid upholstered furniture will not play in your favor. You should learn how to competently approach the choice of materials for repairs and what and where you can save. Remember to keep this famous quote in mind, “A miser pays twice”. And of course, abnormal temperature records are a reason to watch your health: drink more water and avoid excessive physical exertion this monsoon season!

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