14 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas (Make Money Anonymously)

YouTube Channel Ideas – Do you wish to create YouTube but don’t want to reveal your face? You may not be interested in becoming famous or feel anxious in front of cameras. However, if you know the potential to earn money, YouTube can and would like to join the fun.

If that’s you, do not fret. Plenty of great YouTube channel ideas don’t need you to showcase your face! Let’s look at the top YouTube channel ideas without faces that allow you to express your personality without being an individual with a lot of attention.

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YouTube Channel Ideas for Faceless YouTube

YouTube is the second most popular site in the world, as users spend, on average, 19 minutes daily. There’s potential for earning money from those who make engaging videos. However, not everyone is looking to become famous.

Below are fourteen of the top YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

1. DIY Tutorials

Source: 5-Minute DECOR

DIY tutorials are a part of some of the most-watched YouTube channels, with some of the most well-known DIY’ers boasting subscribers of 9 million or more.

You can create instructional videos covering everything from crafting and art to plumbing, electronics,s or cooking. Show off your crafty skills through videos or show viewers how to cook your favorite recipes.

The beauty of this type of tutorial is you don’t need to reveal your face. Most tutorials show the hand or other components of the person creating the tutorial. It is also possible to have someone else conduct the instruction for you. Use animations or images to aid viewers in understanding your instruction.

2. Walkthroughs and Video Game Reviews

Source: Gamer’s Little Playground

Are you a fan of gaming? Why not create your own YouTube channel and review your favorite games or give walkthroughs to the world?

They do not require a face to be displayed since viewers are more likely to be attracted by the sport being played. However, even though they are a YouTube channel without a face, they still entertain those who enjoy video games.

When creating your channel, think about focusing on specific types of games like sports, role-playing, and adventure. Creating a niche market for gamers will allow you to increase the number of viewers and subscribers, which can lead to more revenue.

3. Technology Reviews

Source: Tech Zone

If you are a pro through technology and gadgets, consider starting a channel on technology. From gaming consoles, laptops, and computers to cameras and phones, you can check out the latest technology and offer advice on what’s worth purchasing.

These kinds of YouTube channels explain to viewers how various products function and the best way to make the most of their usage. Not only does this offer the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest technology, but it can also provide viewers with the information they require to make an educated purchase.

Tech review channels can be anonymous by using a voiceover to discuss the product. If you’re comfortable sharing a few photos with the camera, you can present reviews and demos using only your hands.

4. Illustration/Animation Channels

Source: angrymikko

If you have an eye for drawing, art, or illustration, YouTube channels are a good option. The possibilities range from making animation shorts or creating educational images.

The greatest part is that your viewers don’t have to look at your face to appreciate what you have created with your artwork. All you need is hands, drawing utensils, and a keen eye for detail.

5. Podcast Channels

Podcasts are gaining popularity; forecasts suggest over 160 million people will listen to them by 2023. Therefore, establishing your YouTube channel for podcasting is an excellent way to get your message out to potential viewers.

You’ll have the recording of the audio. Find the appropriate music and include some entertaining animations, as YouTube is primarily a visual platform. However, you can make the platform completely unfaced.

6. Meditation Channels

Source: Healing Soul

Meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation have become increasingly popular, and Youtube channels that discuss these subjects are an excellent way to post content without revealing your face.

You can create videos for yoga exercises, guided meditation breathing techniques, meditation, and much more. Create custom animations, scenes of nature, or assemble videos from stock footage to create visuals.

7. Motivational Channels

Source: Motiversity

Sometimes you need motivation and a reminder of your capabilities. YouTube channels focusing on personal development and motivation are ideal for people looking to sell their ideas without revealing their faces.

Create motivational and inspiring videos, upload podcasts or quotes, share successes, suggestions, and tips for building confidence, and much more. Videos with simplistic animations, graphics, or images can keep viewers interested as they are watching.

8. Music Channels

Source: Lowfi Girl

If you’re a talented musician, think about starting your own faceless Youtube channel that showcases your songs or covers of popular songs.

To keep from appearing on camera to avoid being caught on camera, try a karaoke-style setup or ask someone else to record your movements while you play an instrument. Other suggestions for keeping your face off include using a mask or disguise to conceal your identity. Making a cartoon-like virtual persona based on the famous anonymous group, the Gorillaz.

9. News Channels

Source: Vailskibum

The majority of people indeed get their news via YouTube. Therefore, why not launch your Youtube channel with news coverage, celebrity gossip, industry news, or other recent happenings?

It is unnecessary to appear on camera when using voiceovers or off-screen narration. You can also count on presenters, guests, and animated characters to present the content. Also, since information is easily shared, you can be sure that your YouTube channel will be promoted quickly.

10. Videos of the Tour

Source: The Local Project

One of the greatest advantages of the internet is that it allows you to travel anywhere without ever leaving your house. Why not create YouTube channels that offer virtual tours of the world without having to display your face?

Photos or audio clips create a full experience for the viewer, including museums and old cities, nature reserves, and theme parks.

Luxury home walkthroughs are very popular since people imagine what it’s like to reside in such a beautiful location. All you need is gorgeous images to get this unassuming YouTube channel idea off the ground.

11. Tutoring Channel

Source: The Organic Chemistry Tutor

Learning online has grown in popularity as more and more people turn to Youtube channels to get help with different areas.

Use visuals like diagrams, infographics, and charts to convey concepts, particularly those relating to maths and English grammar. Make videos with instructions and tips for taking tests covering subjects from grade school through college.

For monetization purposes, it is possible to offer tutoring sessions for private students or set up a subscription program that allows viewers to pay a monthly cost to gain access. You may also join forces with other YouTube channels linked to education. You can also share the content of each other.

12. 3D/360 Channels

Source: 3D VR 360 VIDEOS

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to be on the highest rolling coaster anywhere in the world? I suggest swimming with dolphins that live in Florida. You can now do this and more using 3D/360 YouTube channels.

There is no face here! This Youtube channel idea requires a 360-degree camera to take stunning footage from every angle. Then you can upload your videos on YouTube and let followers explore the world you’ve created.

13. ASMR Channels

ASMR is the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response abbreviation and is becoming popular on Youtube. And ASMR involves making specific sounds that produce a tingling sensation of satisfaction and happiness. It involves various techniques, including whispering, tapping a microphone, or scratching.

ASMR videos don’t need the user to reveal their identity. They are an excellent YouTube channel idea if you wish to keep your identity private. You’ll require a microphone that picks up the sound clearly; however, other than this, it’s concerned with creating the highest peaceful and relaxing environment you can that your users can enjoy.

14. Gardening Channels


Gardening channels are yet another Youtube idea that doesn’t need you to display your face. Gardening channels are an excellent way to earn money, as they attract different viewers.

You can provide guidelines and suggestions on the best plants for certain seasons or demonstrate how to properly grow flowers and plants for your guests. Consider adding tour videos to this page, too. A showcase of beautiful gardens worldwide is an excellent way to attract attention.

What Are the Ways That People Who Are Not on YouTube Channels Earn Money?

Faceless Youtube channels can earn money in the same manner as other Youtube channels, namely from Google Ad revenue, sponsored videos, YouTube subscription revenue, and even selling products connected with the subject of their videos.

How Can You Turn Into YouTube’s Faceless Star?

To be a YouTuber without a face, you just need to start a Youtube channel and upload videos that do not show your face. Voiceover narration is a great option for on-screen or off-screen narration, or you can even hire guest hosts as hosts for your YouTube videos. Also, you can use video animations, images, and even virtual characters.


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