Essential Oils Storage Box-Simple and Creative Ideas

Keeping your Essential Oils Storage Box fresh and well-protected is critical. They need to be stored in a cool, dark place and they should be tightly capped.

To make storage easier, try repurposing old wooden boxes or plastic cases. You can even fashion wooden dividers to give your box an extra layer of functionality.

Why proper essential oils storage is important

Essential Oils are volatile, reactive and corrosive compounds. As such, they are prone to oxidation, which alters their chemical composition and reduces their effectiveness over time.

Luckily, by following some simple storage tips, you can dramatically extend the shelf life of your Essential oil Boxes and ensure that they remain at their best for longer periods of time. The primary way to preserve your essential oils is to store them in dark glass bottles or containers with tight-fitting lids. Amber or cobalt-blue coloured bottles are best for preventing UV light from reaching your oils.

Keep your oils away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, which can cause them to oxidize. Additionally, avoid storing them near heat sources such as stoves or heaters. It’s also important to close the bottle’s lid tightly to keep air and water from entering.

There are many creative and simple ideas for storing essential oils

  1. Wooden Box with Compartments: You can make a wooden box with compartments to store your essential oils. You can customize the size and number of compartments based on the number of oils you have. You can also add a handle to the box for easy transport.
  2. Spice Rack: A spice rack can be repurposed to store essential oils. You can attach labels to the bottles and place them on the shelves of the spice rack. This is a great option if you have a large number of oils and want to keep them organized.
  3. Mason Jars: Mason jars can be used to store essential oils. You can attach labels to the jars and store them in a cabinet or on a shelf. You can also decorate the jars with paint or ribbon to make them more decorative.
  4. Pallet Shelf: You can make a pallet shelf to store your essential oils. Pallets can be found for free or at a low cost, and you can customize the size of the shelf to fit your oils. You can also add hooks to the shelf to hang your oils.
  5. Drawer Organizer: You can use a drawer organizer to store your essential oils. You can customize the compartments based on the size of your oils, and you can also add labels to keep them organized.
  6. Repurposed Jewelry Box: You can repurpose a jewellery box to store your essential oils. You can remove the drawers and add inserts to hold the oils. You can also decorate the box to make it more attractive.
  7. Test Tube Rack: A test tube rack can be used to store small essential oil bottles. You can label the tubes and store them on a shelf or in a cabinet.

These are just a few ideas for DIY essential oils storage boxes. You can customize these ideas to fit your personal style and the size of your essential oil collection.

Essential oils storage box materials

When storing essential oils, it is important to keep them away from heat and sunlight. This is because many essential oils will degrade in hot temperatures and direct sunlight. There are several ways to store your essential oils: You can use a spice rack, a drawer organizer, and a wooden storage box specifically designed for essential oils.

If you are looking for a less expensive DIY solution, try repurposing an empty plastic or wood case using cardboard dividers. This will get your essential oil bottles organize in no time!

Essential oils storage box designs that allow for

Essential oils should always be store away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. They should be store in dark containers or bottles with a tight cap, and in cool places. One of the best ways to store your oils is in a box that allows for airflow. This will help keep your oils from oxidizing and causing them to lose their fragrance.

You can find many different boxes that will fit most essential oil bottles. They usually come in different sizes, and some even have separators inside for each bottle to have a designated space.

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How to choose an essential oils storage box

If you’re looking for a way to store your essential oils, there are several different options available. They range from travel cases to storage boxes, all of which can keep your bottles protected and accessible at all times.

Choosing the right storage box is important for two reasons. First, you need something that will protect your oils from light and other environmental factors that can degrade their aroma and properties. Clear glass or flint glass bottles can also be use but they do not offer the same protection

Second, you need a container that will hold enough of them so that you can stay organize. This will make it easier to find the oils you need when you need them most. Generally speaking, essential oils have a longer shelf life when stored correctly. However, if they are left unattended, oxidation can take place and their life span can be reduced significantly.

The importance of protecting your oils from light

Essential oils are very sensitive to light and heat, which can affect their quality. The best way to store essential oils is to keep them in dark glass bottles or containers.

These should be amber or cobalt blue in colour to prevent deterioration of the oil and protect its therapeutic properties. Clear glass or flint glass bottles can also use, but they do not offer the same protection from light as amber and cobalt blue do.

McClure suggests keeping them away from direct sunlight since it accelerates the oxidation process. She recommends storing them in places like the bathroom or kitchen cabinets that are dark, cool and dry.

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