Best destination for Easter Holidays in 2023
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Best destination for Easter Holidays in 2023
After the long, cold, and dark winter months, the Easter holidays provide a glimmer of sunshine-filled hope for families. Most people would agree that important occasions, religious traditions, and gatherings with family and friends are best enjoyed at home. However, there are other ways to observe holidays like Easter and remember the reason for the season. Best destination for Easter with family and loved ones. If the idea of combining an Easter celebration and a spring vacation sound appealing to you, then perhaps a destination Easter is in order this year. Below we have listed some of the best destination for easter celebrations. Check them out! Best destination for easter celebrations. Check them out!


Rome, Italy Roman Catholics celebrate Easter in Rome, which is a beautiful location to mark the occasion. The Easter celebrations in Rome at the Vatican and other locations draw visitors from all over the world. Religious pilgrimages, springtime flowers, chocolate eggs, and St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City can all be found in Rome.   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Although it might be unexpected to find Pittsburgh on an Easter travel list, studies have proven that this Pennsylvania city has some rather great settings for the spring festival. The festival is widely observed here, and the city is filled with local Easter celebrations. Additionally, there are numerous sweets shops, numerous churches per capita, and a sizable Christian population here.   Phuket, Thailand Without a question, Phuket is one of the most well-liked vacation spots in Thailand since it ensures a memorable getaway and offers excellent accommodations for any taste and budget. Easter in April in Phuket is hot and humid with the potential of heavy downpours. Beachfront hotels, five-star hotels, renowned chain resorts, private villas, and budget hotels are all available in Phuket. Antalya, Turkey The magnificent Turkish Riviera, often known as the Turquoise Coast, is right at your fingertips when you take a vacation to Antalya. And as a result, this stunning location became one of Turkey's most prominent sunspots (formally known as Türkiye). The Antalya province is known for its all-inclusive, all-singing hotels and a superb array of reasonably priced luxury. It's the kind of place where you may unwind in style.  With its 400 miles of Mediterranean coastline and chic resorts that extend from Antalya, the region is a major draw for sunbathers. There is also a lot to discover, putting breathtaking beauty and thousands of years of history within your reach.  


Rome – Spend a Holy Week in Rome, partake in a traditional Easter supper there, sample some of the greatest chocolate Easter eggs there from the following bakeries, and have a lovely traditional Easter brunch. Pittsburgh – Visit the National Aviary for some early springtime entertainment, and spend Easter with loved ones on board a Gateway Clipper, which has taken up several levels of the socially awkward 6th and Penn parking garage. Phuket - Explore Phuket Old Town, the Phuket Weekend Night Market, Wat Chalong, hike to the Karon Viewpoint, and the Big Buddha Chalong Bay Rum Distillery's Cocktail Making Course, Explore Chillva Market and Take in the Views from Khao Khad Viewpoint. Antalya – Go whitewater rafting in Köprülü Canyon National Park, stroll through Hadrian's Gate, have a blast at Land of Legends, discover the enigmatic Karain Cave, and experience the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival like a VIP.  


  • Prep Ahead of Time
  • Don't forget to have sweets
  • Make creative Easter baskets (for future gifting)
  • Send Easter cards to family and friends.
  • Have a virtual family gathering on Easter Sunday
  • Use Store-Bought Ingredients
  • Order Your Meal Online or go out with the family for a meal
  • Keep it simple but memorable
  • Never wear inappropriate clothing
  • Never engage in activities that are deemed unhealthy or unclean
  • Respect Culture Always
  • Never Use a Rude Tone of Voice
  • Never express an opinion on topics that are taboo.
  • Watch what you eat
  • Keep an eye out for the traffic laws
  • Never jeopardize your safety.
With all these wonderful Easter vacation suggestions, we hope we managed to inspire you to plan your Easter getaway. Easter is after all the perfect time to schedule a quick getaway (or a longer one) while you work a full-time job. You can travel for longer while using fewer paid vacation days if you take advantage of the Easter weekend. Start planning your perfect Easter escape with Aerotravels now!