Here Is How You Can Book A Trip On The Ramayana Express
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Here Is How You Can Book A Trip On The Ramayana Express
With a planned series of Ramayana Yatra Tours to encourage religious travel, the Ramayana Express is all ready to return with a bang. With the Ramayana Yatra Tour, you'll have the chance to see all the main Lord Rama-related attractions, which will help you gain insight into the birth and life journey of Lord Rama. In 17 days, the Ramayana Express train will travel to all the locations connected to Lord Rama and the Ramayana. It will depart from Delhi's Safdarjung Station. On the train, there will be sufficient security measures in place, as well as a tour manager and guide who will give the passengers onboard any information they may need. Including Sattvic food with IRCTC Food Order Online and AC hotel accommodations, intriguing sightseeing alternatives. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation), a division of the Indian Railways, operates and manages the train.

Now The Budget For Your Trip In Ramayana Express:

The cost of a ticket for the Ramayana Express Train in the 2 AC and 1 AC classes, respectively, is INR 82,950 per person. Price adjustments are also there. IRCTC provides travelers with sleeper class coach options in Madurai to make the trip more affordable. Travel insurance, services of IRCTC Tour managers, accommodations in AC hotels with veg meals, sightseeing in AC vehicles, and more are all included in the package. Additionally, it enables safe and healthy travel in circumstances following COVID-19. It takes about 750990 Km to complete the journey. You can easily book tickets with the zoop app. Here are the steps Download the Zoop app or you can visit the website as well. Now select your boarding station and then destination station .Then select the train from the list. After that select the day and date on which you want to board the station. Moreover you can also order food in train with this app.

Facilities Provided On The Shri Ramayana Express Tour Package:

The Ramayana Express tourist train excursion in the sleeper class. Meals, which would only be vegetarian, would be included in the Ramayana Express Train excursion package. Additionally, You can also avail your favorite food with IRCTC Food Order with zoop e catering. The Ramayana Circuit Train would contain a washroom and a place to spend the night. The AC classes of the Ramayana Express Train provide travel options. All transportation and sightseeing  includes in the itinerary. There would always be IRCTC Tour managers on board. In trains, security personnel would be stationed. Moreover, every tourist location would have a registered tour guide accompanying visitors. Along with travel insurance and all necessary taxes, the tour package would also contain. In order to meet the needs of tourists, the Ramayana Express Train Tour Package will also offer sufficient medical facilities. You can avail these facilities by booking your ticket on zoop app or website.

The Ramayana Express Train Covers This Route:

The following locations are cover by the Ramayana Express: Ayodhya, Nandigram, Janakpur (Nepal), Varanasi, Prayag (Allahabad), Shringverpur, Chitrakoot, NasikHampi, Rameshwaram For travelers interested in religious sights, the Ramayana Express Train Tour departing from Delhi will be highly thrilling. As the Shri Ramayana Yatra Madurai Train voyage began , there are other packages that will also take you there. It will be a 12-night, 13-day excursion. Numerous additional train services, such as the 16-night/17-day Shri Ramayana Yatra Express-Sri Ganganagar train. Now you can order food online as well on this train. Due to which you are also able to enjoy the delicious dishes of different cities. You can book your tickets with zoop as well. Because oit will provide you with the best deals and discounts. The finest and most effective approach to see all the places connected to Lord Rama and those that were significant to the Ramayana is to take a ride on the Ramayana Express.

Features And Facilities:

In the past, the train was exclusively run as a sleeping class. This time, though, it will be a Deluxe AC train with lots of contemporary facilities. Aside from two excellent IRCTC Food Order Establishments, the cutting-edge tourist train also offers a contemporary kitchen, coaches with showers, sensor-based bathroom facilities, and foot massagers. There are two types of accommodations available on the fully air-conditioned train: first AC and second AC. CCTV cameras and security officers in each coach are two additional security features on the train. The full COVID-19 immunization require for visitors who are 18 years of age or older in order to ensure the safety measures post-COVID-19. In addition, IRCTC will give each visitor a safety kit with a face mask, a pair of gloves, and other items. The following places are on the itinerary for the trip to Sri Lanka: Sita Mandir, Ashok Vatika Vibhishana Temple, and Shiva Temple at Munneswaram.

Package Contains :

Train ride on a special tourist train with first- and second-class AC. 08 nights in the best-possible premium accommodations, as specified by the itinerary. During the overnight train trip, there are 8 nights spend in the appropriate rail coaches. Only vegetarian lunches will be provided for passengers aboard trains. Only vegetarian off-board meals at top-notch hotels. In AC vehicles for all transfers and excursions. The passengers' travel insurance. IRCTC Tour Managers will travel during the entire tour to provide any support that is necessary. Train security.

Every applicable Tax:

You can easily book this package with zoop. Zoop India is the best app to order food in train. It is the best way to enjoy your journey without worrying about anything. Zoop India has introduced an amazing service for its customers who want to grab a bite while traveling. It is a food delivery app that offers everything from home-cooked meals to snacks, beverages and desserts. The best part about this app is that it offers you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of cuisines. You can order your favorite dish at any time of the day or night with just one click on the app. There are no restrictions on how many times you can order or what type of menu you want. You can even add special instructions if required.