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Best Foodie Cities in Eastern Europe


Cuisine is an important part of every country’s culture. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that we give a lot of significance to food while choosing the next travel destination. When it comes to food, Europe is a continent of vast diversity. Even though many European countries have the shared past and some of the traditions are more or less similar to each other, all of these countries have their traditional and authentic cuisine. In this article we will take you on a trip to the best foodie cities in Eastern Europe and provide you some tips what to eat and where. We have heard a lot about Spanish, Italian or French cuisine, which are great and need to be cherished all around the world. However, because of this Eastern European Cuisine is often overlooked and not so popular. In reality, this part of Europe produces some of the most delicious food with authentic taste and different ingredients. So, prepare your forks and plates, we are going on the Foodie Vacation.  

What Do We Know About Eastern European Cuisine?

Due to its location Eastern Europe has been the land of million cultures. In the span of centuries most of the Eastern conquerors, like Mongols, Ottomans and Persians have been coming to this part of the continent and settling here for decades. This has reflected not only in cultural heritages of Eastern European countries, but also in cuisine. For example, famous Polish dish Pierogi is a descendant of ancient Chinese and Mongolian dumplings. Eastern European Cuisine is not only popular with the locals but also with people who have moved to Eastern Europe from other parts of the world. It offers a unique experience that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of nationality or background. With its flavors consisting of seasoned meat, cheese and bread typically found in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, the cuisine is characterized by small dishes of food served on large pieces of bread. Many Eastern European dishes use a lot of onion, garlic and peppers to give it an earthy taste. The staple diet consists mostly of barley, wheat or buckwheat with meat and vegetables. The staple of the Eastern European diet is the pita sandwich, which is made from a circular piece of bread that's bigger than it is tall, filled with meat and vegetables. Popular dishes are goulash, borscht and vareniki (little dumplings).  

3 Best Foodie Cities in Eastern Europe

This is the definitive list of Europe's top culinary destinations that you must visit at least once in the course of your lifetime. The Old Continent, the cradle for many gastronomic cultures is a true treat due to its innovative and creative cuisine. Only thing you have to do is to pack your bags and get ready for some delicious food! Before we take off, take your time to visit ETIAS Website to know more about the new entry rules to the EU from 2023.  

Gdansk, Poland

In Gdansk, Poland, there is a popular saying: "Gdansk is the city of food". It's no wonder why. The city has a rich history of food and culture. Gdansk is more of a touristic city and features many of the restaurants that serve local and traditional food. The Polish cuisine is well known for its variety. The main ingredients are meat, potatoes and vegetables such as cabbage, carrots or peas. There are also many types of breads and desserts that can be found in Poland such as Pierogi or Kopytka. A typical Polish meal consists of three courses: soup or salad, meat or fish with potatoes or pasta and dessert. Potato dishes are the most popular and our absolute favorite in Poland. Polish soups are very similar to the soups found in other countries, but the Kaśniak is a special soup made of sour cream, potatoes, carrots and bacon. Another popular soup is borscht – beetroot soup with a variety of vegetables such as beets, greens, parsley, mushrooms and potatoes.  

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who want to explore the country’s food culture. Hungary has been able to preserve its unique cuisine and traditions while also incorporating international influences into their culinary scene. Hungarian cuisine has been influenced by the three major Ethnic groups that Hungary has - the Magyars, Slovaks, and Romanians. The dishes are usually made with pork or beef with lots of paprika and garlic. The most popular foods in Budapest are goulash, langos and paprika chicken.  

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague's culinary scene offers something for everyone, no matter what your tastes are! The city has been a place where food and culture have always gone hand in hand, from traditional Czech cuisine to French, Italian, and German cuisines. Czech Republic has an interesting history when it comes to food. It featurs many local dishes such as Šalátovka, Vepřo-knedlo-víko, or Smažený sýr. Many Czech dishes use bread as a main ingredient and are often covered in various toppings or served with a side of dumplings. However, the Czech diet has changed over the years. Nowadays there are many natural ingredients used to create meals today that may surprise you. Smoked pork chops with apple and horseradish sauce are served with a side of roasted potatoes and a mixed green salad. Czech Republic is also known for producing beer, as well as the world's largest beer glass.  


Eastern European countries have a long tradition of producing some of the best food in the world. They have many different types of cuisine that come from their rich history and diversity in culture and geography. It is characterized by its strong flavors, which are often made with meat, dairy products, and spices. Eastern European cuisines also tend to be heavy on sauces. We hope that our article will be a ultimate tie-breaker for those who wanted to travel to Eastern Europe but was having some doubts about the destinations.