What is the Main Role of A Processor or A CPU In A System?
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What is the Main Role of A Processor or A CPU In A System?
The CPU or a processor is mainly a piece of hardware that is called the brain of a PC. It is so because all the processing and calculations are performed by the CPU containing an umpteenth number of transistors. However, in this article, we will discuss the primary role of a processor in a system to make you understand its importance.

A Short Introduction to Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The processor is mainly the single chip that is responsible for processing all the data in a PC. CPU also determines the capability, performance, and price of a system. It is undoubtedly the major component of a PC that almost controls every other component in your PC. It comes in different cores for different purposes which are available on the market. Among them, Latest Intel processors have come up with different cores to run your PC smoothly.

Primary Function of A Processor in A PC

A lot has improved over the past years since the processor or a CPU was first introduced. However, the basic function of a CPU remains the same which we will discuss below.
  • Fetch
Naturally, fetch means receiving instruction. Each instruction has its individual address which is kept in the main memory. The CPU collects the instruction address to execute it from the program counter in the memory so that it can also perform the instruction.
  • Decode
Once your CPU receives instruction and collects it in the Instruction Register, your processor passes that instruction to a circuit that is named an instruction decoder. The instruction decoder then converts instruction into binary code to make it understandable. In this way, it performs the way it should perform the required function. This entire conversion process is mainly called decoding. Read Blog: Best Intel Gaming PC under Rs.1,50,000
  • Execute
Execution is the final step where the decoded instructions are sent to the processor’s important parts to complete the whole process. The results are generally written to the CPU register, where subsequent instructions can refer to them. 

What Are the Multiple-core Processors?

Earlier the systems had come up with a single-core processor, hence the processor could process only one set of instructions at a time. For this reason, the older computers ran much slower than the present ones, and also it took so much time to process data. But, with the passing days, manufacturers have made drastic changes in the cores of a processor. They were searching for solutions to enhance the capabilities of the processor. Therefore, they have come up with multiple-core processors like dual-core, octa-core, quad-core, etc. They are not as complicated as they first look. For instance, a dual-core CPU contains two individual processors on a single chip to improve the overall performance of the PC. Nowadays, hyper-threading has garnered popularity which is mainly a single-core processor but acts as if it contains a total of two cores. You will find this feature when you look at the intel processor list since it is very common in the intel core ranges of processors. 


The CPU is undoubtedly the most important component of a PC. It is there to perform all the tasks related to computers or laptops and all the individual parts that are there to support the CPU. However, we hope that this article has provided enough information to make you understand the importance and the function of a CPU. home