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DM Instagram: 30 Magnificent Templates For Your Promotion! Clone
MARIA S. Increasing followers on Instagram is a comprehensive growth of your account, which means that it is important not only to gain followers but also to increase other indicators of profile popularity. For example, the activity of followers on your account. Tasks on liking and commenting and in special cases — sending messages in Direct will help to increase the index. how to get more followers on Instagram: superviral DM Instagram: 30 Magnificent Templates For Your Promotion! However, what message do you need to send, to effectively configure the process of promotion? To do this, I have prepared a series of articles in which I will analyze in detail direct message examples. Get ready, it will be hot, interesting and very useful! We all know that today DM Instagram is an integral part of Instagram. Using it you can communicate with your followers, and send each other funny pictures, videos, and even voice messages! The developers are doing everything possible for Instagram fans, to provide all necessary functions in one social network. Besides, Instagram is a proven platform for earnings on the Internet. All you need to do is promote your page on Instagram or the Instagram page of your store and become popular. There are different ways to do this. Firstly, it is the high-quality content that you publish in your profile. Secondly, it is advertising your account by other users. Thirdly, the use of third-party services for quick promotion. One such service is a service for sending messages - Direct Messages. Do you have any idea how much it can simplify your Insta life? Let's start in order.


DM on Instagram will help not only to save the time that you can spend on creating quality content but also to promote your account to the top of popularity as efficiently and quickly as possible! We all know that the more popular your account is - the more earnings on the Internet you can expect.

Automatic mailing on Instagram direct provides you with:

Security. When working, the service takes into account all the restrictions of Instagram for working with messages.
  • Highly qualified specialists are ready to provide you with round-the-clock and comprehensive support in working with the service.
  • The service does not get tired of sending messages to your followers, which can not be said about you.
  • Today, you can send messages to new subscribers, existing followers, and a specially created list of followers.
  • What a miracle, you can say. No, this is not a miracle! It is a piece of art by developers who worked on a high-quality product any year. And now, you can rightly assess their contribution to your Instagram promotion.
You can ask me, well, we've sorted out all the benefits of mailing and a special service for it. But what are the best direct message templates to send? Let's look together at all the nuances of writing cool templates for mailing.


When sending emails, the messages you send to users must be as different from each other as possible. Ideally, each user should receive a unique message. To do this, we have developed a system for unifying the messages of each mailing by replacing some parts of the proposal with other, similar in meaning. Substitution patterns are defined at the stage of writing a message for future distribution. Just enclose any text in braces - it will be a group of substitutions. Inside the braces, write down the different variants of the same phrase, separating them with a vertical bar ( | ) - so the service will understand what options are available within the same group. Rules are simple:
  • If the text 1 can be replaced by the text 2 or text 3, instead of "text 1", write: {text 1|text 2|text 3}.
  • If the text can be omitted, instead of the text insert instructions {|text}.
  • Randomized in the IG on this principle:
Now let's look at the 30 Direct message templates for DM Instagram, which will increase the involvement of users in your account, sales, and self-promotion. get more followers on Instagram


  • The aim: welcome the new followers and thank them for the following.
  • Hello, dear friend! I'm glad you joined my Instagram community! I hope that my profile will be useful to you! [Link]
  • Hi! Thanks for subscribing! I hope I don't disappoint you! In my profile, you can find cool lifehacks to simplify beauty routines! Enjoy it the whole! [Link]
  • Hi! What’s up? Let's get acquainted. I'm Alice. I'm doing an educational blog on Instagram. Following my advice, you will increase your productivity by XX%! Follow the new posts and be filled with information! [Link]
  • Hi! Thank you for following our clothing store! Only here you can order quality products from the United States at an affordable price. XX% discount on the first order. Hurry up! [Link]
  • Good day! Thanks for the feedback! I need your help! You can change the world if you start to share your opinions on different issues on my acc. Join us! [Link]
  • Hi! Let's get acquainted. What is your name? My name is Lina and I'm happy to welcome you to my profile. I want to stay in touch with my followers. Therefore, I have created a special chat room, where we share interesting news with my followers. You can join us! [Link]
Hello, friend! Thanks for following! I hope that my content will change your life and you will be more responsible for your health. In my profile, you can find great tips for maintaining your health, and much more. [Link] Hello! Thank you for following our online store. We are distributors of high-quality XXXXX cosmetics. You can find the catalog of our products in the acc. [Link] your comment! Enjoy them! [Link]


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  • The aim: it is used when you need to get feedback from a specially selected list of your audience.
  • Hi! I have finally launched a line of clothes! Your opinion about it is very important to me. You can view it follow this link. Please leave your comments below this post.
  • We work for you! Therefore, we appreciate your opinion about our work. We have prepared a special gift for you if you answer some questions. Just follow this link.
  • Hello, Dears! I hope that my blog and the content I have published are very useful and interesting for you. Please answer my question: Do you like my profile? 1. Yes. 2. Yes, but you can do it better. 3. Not really, just some posts. 4. Not at all.
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In conclusion, I would like to refresh your memory about how to message on Instagram: Select the message template that will be sent to users. You can make them a great offer, give them a discount or just thank them for the following; Download the list of usernames to which you want to send the message. how to increase followers on Instagram

Start mailing.

Send thanks, special offers, or announcements — all in a couple of clicks. Users will feel involved and respond with a profile view, like, or followings. how to increase more followers on Instagram: click here To provoke even more interactions with your account, it is necessary to work on the content: to arrange an action, answer users' questions, and write a small note on the topic of your field of activity. That's why you CAN'T DO without Direct Messages service! for a guest post: