Common Faults and Troubleshooting of Filling Machines
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Common Faults and Troubleshooting of Filling Machines

Part 1

For the common faults of grease filling machines, if the choke rises and falls, the front cylinder, the rear cylinder, and the bottle clamp do not move, hit the manual gear and click the corresponding button; if no action is taken, check whether the emergency stop switch is released; if not, just release it. If we release the emergency stop switch, while the buttons are not easy to use, please check whether we break the corresponding solenoid valve in the switchboard at the lower right of the host. If we burin it, please replace it in time. And if we do not break the solenoid valve, check whether we break the cylinder. If we break it, please contact the manufacturer and replace it in time. Check whether the air pressure is normal. Touch screen does not light or display: 1. Please check whether the power supply is out of phase. If it is out of phase, please repair the circuit in time. 2. Check whether the 24V switching power supply burns out. If it burns out, please replace it in time.

Part 2

After we finish the oil nozzle, if the oil nozzle leaks: 1. Please find a thin wire and insert it into the small hole under the choke to open the hole inside. 2. Please insert the silencer on the vacuum generator into several small holes. 3. Please loosen the adjusting joint on the vacuum generator and increase the air pressure. If the vacuum generator emits white oil smoke: ① Please discharge the oil from the vacuum tank. ② Replace the vacuum generator.

Part 3

  Nozzles don’t give oil: ① Please check whether there are impurities in the pipeline, and discharge the impurities. ② Check whether the oil pump works, or lacks phase and reverses. ③ Check whether the AC contactor of the distribution box works and if the AC contactor burns, please replace it in time. If it doesn’t work, please check whether we power the coil. If it doesn’t, please check the circuit or contact the manufacturer. ④ Whether impurities stick the elliptical meter. If it is stuck, please disassemble the elliptical meter and take out the elliptical gear to clean up the impurities, and then install it. ⑤ Check whether the solenoid valve works if the choke is open. If it does not work, please replace the solenoid valve.  

Part 4

Note: Every time the flowmeter filling machine changes oil, the air in the pipeline should be drained in time. If we drain the air, the oil output is still unstable or it still generates bubbles, please check whether we block the pipeline filter connected to the rear end of the splitter below the equipment. Please clean it up in time. Metering pump filling machines adopt high-level oil storage tanks, so there is no process of exhausting pipeline air. The conveyor belt does not turn or deviate: ① Please check whether the AC contactor works. If it works, please check whether the phase is missing and whether the voltage is normal. ② Check whether the AC contactor is burned. If it is burned, please replace it. ③ If the coil has no voltage, please check the circuit or contact the manufacturer. ④ Please adjust the two large bolts at the front end of the conveyor belt when the conveyor belt deviates. ⑤ Loosen the bolts of the reducer and correct the reducer. ⑥ Check whether the conveyor belt is stuck, and the capping machine runs off and cannot adjust the speed. If speed cannot be adjusted, [please replace the governor or repair the potentiometer in the governor.