How To Create An eCommerce Website?
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How To Create An eCommerce Website?
If retailers want to contact customers, they cannot afford to remain offline. Ecommerce sites enable firms to reach new markets and develop resilience by selling even if their physical stores must close. If you're just getting started, an eCommerce site can provide you with a global market and brand awareness before you even open a physical store. Starting your eCommerce website allows you to control all aspects of your client's experience, from branding to shipping and customer service. You can construct it yourself or hire a developer, but knowing the process can help you make informed decisions and create an eCommerce website that's optimized for selling your items.

Why Create An eCommerce Website? 

A website that lets customers buy and sell physical things, services, and digital products online instead of in a physical store. A business can use an e-commerce website to handle orders, receive payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer care. To create an eCommerce website, one needs to have a vast knowledge of coding & website designing. However, there's another way, that is web builders.  Some of the most common eCommerce website features include the following: 

One-of-a-kind Digital Shopping Experience

Online businesses can also have a direct impact on the consumer journey by providing a one-of-a-kind buying experience via films, stories, and personalized services. These shopping experiences do not have to finish at the checkout since you can reach clients through email marketing or social media. These amazing experiences have a way of convincing people that online shopping provides inclusive opportunities that a traditional store does not.

Helps Further Market Acquisition

With only a storefront, it can be difficult for many firms, particularly small businesses, and startups, to attract customers in new markets. An eCommerce site allows you to access new clients online that you would not have been able to contact with simply brick-and-mortar sales.

Make Your Brand More Powerful

When you sell on an online marketplace like Flipkart or Amazon, your products are often advertised generically and with the platform's logo. Some clients may not even notice they are buying from you and, as a result, will not learn about your brand. You have complete control over how your products are displayed when you build your eCommerce site. Your clients will remember you, not the market. 

Protect Your Business From Natural Uncertainties

We all know that so many small & medium eCommerce businesses were affected badly during the COVID-19 pandemic & some of them even had to shut down their offices as well. To protect oneself from facing such tragedy, businesses now tend to take the online route. eCommerce websites make sure that a business keeps on running smoothly without getting completely shut down.

JoonWeb eCommerce Builder & Features 

To create an eCommerce website at, users need to create an account on JoonWeb first. JoonWeb eCommerce builder is a Made-In-India platform that offers a vast number of features & tools, using which a user can create his/her eCommerce website within minutes. Absolutely no coding knowledge is required to create an eCommerce website at JoonWeb.

Features of the JoonWeb eCommerce builder are given here: 

  • Easy Tracking oF Inventory Location: JoonWeb locations is a multi-location management system that lets you allocate and track inventory across many locations. It helps the user in monitoring the inventory at all times.
  • Sell Unlimited Products: Increase the size of your business and sell as many items as you desire. Users have an option of listing unlimited products on their eCommerce website, this increased the scope of their business venture.
  • Smartphone Store Management: Stay on top of your business no matter where you are. From the palm of your hand, you can manage your online store. eCommerce website builder created at 

By following these steps one can easily create an eCommerce website at JoonWeb: 

Create An Account On JoonWeb: First of all, you need to get registered with JoonWeb to start building a website. Click on 'Try For Free, then you have to sign-up using your Email and Contact number. In addition, you can also sign-up by clicking on 'Continue with Google. Upon successfully signing up, you have to click on the 'Create New Site' button.