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Top Cholesterol Medicines in Pakistan
You might have already heard about cholesterol medicines, but are unsure which one to use. This guide can help you understand the options available to you, including statins. It also gives you general information about each type of medicine. Cholesterol is a type of fat found in the blood, and we get it from the food we eat. But some people have too much cholesterol in their blood, which can lead to heart attacks.


If you have high cholesterol, you might prescribed cholesterol medicines to lower it. Statins work best when used alongside a healthy lifestyle. Not only will your cholesterol levels lowered, but you'll also reduce you. Your healthcare provider will determine which type of statins is right for you based on. To make the most out of your statin therapy, be sure to talk to your provider. Some statins are prescriptions for genetically-inherited high cholesterol. They work by stabilizing fatty hardened parts of the arteries called plaques. High cholesterol levels can cause plaques to form. If these hardened areas rupture, they release chemicals that can block arteries. Statins reduce LDL levels by up to 30%. People often continue to take statins long after they reach their target. A high level of HDL cholesterol helps prevent plaque from building up in arteries. It transports bad cholesterol to the liver where it eliminated. Statin drugs block the enzyme in the liver that produces cholesterol. Too much cholesterol in the blood can cause plaque to build up on artery walls, which narrow them and make. These narrowed arteries are at risk for heart attacks. But, statins can prescribed for a variety of medical conditions. Although statins are effective at lowering cholesterol, side effects are inevitable. But, these side effects may managed through dosage adjustments or even switching. Your clinician will be able to discuss these issues with you to determine how likely you are to develop a stain. When used as prescribed, statins can reduce your risk of a heart attack and stroke. Statins are the most common cholesterol medicines in the United States. They lower levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, while raising HDL cholesterol. Though statins may have a few side effects, they are minor and usually resolve themselves on for more information on health.

Bile acid sequestrants

Bile acid sequestrants are an alternative to statins for treating hypercholesterolemia in pregnant. These drugs are also used in the treatment of secondary atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. There are several side effects of bile acid sequestrants. During pregnancy, they may cause gastrointestinal disturbances, such as bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea. They may also aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Bile acid sequestrants can interfere with the absorption other medicines. Thus, other medicines should take at least 1 hour before and four hours after using this drug. These medicines are available under several brand names in the United States. Most common brands are colestipol, cholestyramine, and colesevelam. sequestrants inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from the liver and. Bile acid sequestrants reduce LDL-cholesterol by 18 to 25 percent, and associated. Bile acid sequestrants are medications that used to treat high cholesterol levels. They work by binding to bile acids in the intestine and preventing their absorption. As a result, they prevent the bile acid from reabsorbed from the body, and they increase the activity of LDL. The main drawback of bile acid sequestrants is that they may not be suitable for everyone.

PCSK9 inhibitors

The introduction of PCSK9 inhibitors as cholesterol medicines could lower the cost. But, there are some caveats. The drugs are only effective for people with elevated levels of LDL cholesterol and for. Patients must have a very high LDL-C level (4.0mmol/L) for secondary prevention of CVD, or a risk of developing. For patients with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), a PCSK9 inhibitor reduces LDL cholesterol levels. This is because PCSK9 interferes with the function of LDL receptors. These receptors located outside of cells in the body, and they attach to LDL cholesterol and. PCSK9 inhibitors work by blocking PCSK9 proteins, so that LDL receptors are more. If you've tried two or three different cholesterol-lowering medications and. This type of medicine is more expensive than statins, but it can lower LDL cholesterol levels. PCSK9 inhibitors are also a good option if you have already tried a statin. If you're worried about the cost, you can buy generics of most PCSK9 inhibitors. PCSK9 inhibitors are a new class of cholesterol medicines that have shown great. They work by inhibiting a protein called PCSK9, which plays an important role in. In June 2016, NICE approved two drugs to use as cholesterol medicines. A recent FDA approval of a new type of injectable drug called PCSK9 cholesterol kam karne ka tarika. When used in conjunction with a statin, they can decrease LDL cholesterol levels by as much as 60%. Despite their safety concerns, it is important to talk to your doctor before deciding to try this. It is possible to experience serious side effects, but you should consult a medical. Currently, a PCSK9 inhibitor may use to treat patients with moderate or severe. This condition defined as a LDL-C level of 190 mg/dL or 2.6 mmol/L. Besides, patients with many risk factors, such.