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Get more from Our experienced Urology Billing Services
Understanding all revenue sources is key to Revenue Cycle Management success. Our team will monitor, measure, and manage all aspects of your revenue cycle to improve profitability. The Medcare MSO team is well-equipped and has a lot of experience. Our Revenue Cycle Management solutions can capture revenue from claims, patients, and evidence-based information. All of these sources can be collected to help your practice become more profitable and secure its health care payments.

Urology Billing Services for Your Practice

Initial Credentialing is free. Our experts reach out to your choice of carriers to help you get network status. This is free for startups and a very affordable fee per provider thereafter. Analyze Fee Schedule. We can help you find the most appropriate change levels. To track down and uncover improper reimbursements, we enter the permitted amounts from network contracts. Workflow Consulting. We have over 100 years of combined experience. We can help you determine the best practices for building a team and creating processes that deliver results. Carrier Contract Advice. There are many pitfalls that you should avoid when signing contracts. These situations could also lead to you choosing non-network status for carriers with difficult customers. Additional expert resources are available to assist you if needed. Coding expertise. Medcare MSO offers certified coding staff that can "abstract" codes from provider documentation or review what you have coded to ensure accuracy and completeness. Our efforts have resulted in additional revenue opportunities, compliance and audit survival. We provide Chart auditing and staff education. Fees are based on Results. Once we have received reimbursement, we don't get paid. No surprises. There are no additional charges for shipping, claims, statements or custom reports/data analytics. Submit your Fast Claim Submission. After receipt, your billing will be sent promptly. Get up to 10% better reimbursements.

Compliance with Medical Coding

Medcare MSO Family Practitioner Urology Billing Service team is well-known for being an expert in medical code service. Medical billing starts with complete and accurate documentation in the medical records. Coding is how your intellectual services and labor are translated into a code that can be used to bill insurance or document the value of your service. The ICD-10 codes are perhaps the most important. ICD-10 codes are the current foundation for classifying diseases, injuries and health encounters. They also allow for inpatient procedures in morbidity environments. Medcare MSO, Inc. has developed medical coding and business processes that meet the needs of independent physicians. Medical coding is the process of translating a provider's description or description of the condition, injury, and procedure into universal medical code numbers for an insurance claim. Our team of certified medical coders is certified to ensure higher reimbursements by aligning services with a specific medical diagnosis. This ensures proper payment. This will reduce denials due to incorrect diagnosis or procedure codes.

Data Analytics

Financial reporting provides you with the information you need to identify the root causes of charges, fix process inefficiencies, improve code compliance, and protect the integrity of all claims. Administrators and Office Managers can quickly review trends and performance, drill down into data to analyze root cause, assess payer performance, and evaluate the financial impact of claim denials. Some examples of financial reports that we offer (above and beyond regular month-end reporting which gives details about charges, collections and your AR), include:
  • Charge & Revenue Analysis - evaluate financial ratios versus MGMA benchmarks
  • Coding analysis: Identify potential under, over, and incorrect coding scenarios
  • Procedure Analysis - Analyze top CPT codes to perform cost-benefit analyses
  • Payer Reimbursement Analysis: Determine which payers are slowing down payments by denying claims or claiming that they have "lost".
  • Analyze Provider and Staff Productivity - Evaluate provider and staff productivity based on the specific location of service, revenue, and U's
  • AR Aging Analysis: Velocity of Payments per Payor and CPT respectively

Reduce Medical Claim Denials

Our experience with healthcare providers and physicians has taught us that revenue cycle success begins at patient registration and continues through the claims process. A better understanding of the patient's financial and demographic information will result in fewer denials, rejected claims, and fewer return statements. The critical element that prevents denials from originating is claim cleanliness. Here are the parameters:
  • Patient registration data quality
  • Prior-authorizations
  • Management of medical needs and services not covered
  • Benefits coverage and eligibility
  • Clinical documentation quality
  • Coding
  • Claim editing
  • Payor rules and mandates

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