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We pray that the universe conspires for your visit to the abode and mini-Israel of Lord Shiva or, as we prefer to call it, heaven. Kasol Kheerganga Trek offers you the double benefit of visiting two villages that are filled with nature's and religious bliss. The trek is easy with a moderate climb. Kasol and Kheerganga are at 1580 m respectively. Kheerganga, located in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh is a trekking enthusiast's paradise. Kasol is the trek base, a small village located 500km from Delhi. Kheerganga, a village famous for its Marijuana cultivation is located in the Parvati valley. It can be reached from Pin Parvati Pass. Parvati river, majestic mountains, iconic temples, and lined up Deodar or Oak trees make for a refreshing view. You will also be rewarded by a hot spring that is surprisingly warm in the middle of the freezing temperatures at the end of your trek. Kasol is, however, a popular destination for hippies, and off-late became an enticing stop for Israelis. Many Israeli cafes offer delicious Falafels and Borek as well as Chicken Laffa and Onion Fries with Hummus. The traditional stories and houses from various street corners will make you feel like you are theirs, and they will also delight your taste buds. We can assure you that this trek will lift your spirits and brighten your mood. There are many mythological stories from Hinduism and Sikhs that can be found here. These stories will be narrated by us. Join us on our next scheduled date to Kheerganga. Here's a quick itinerary for the Kasol-Kheerganga Trek, Plan The Unplanned Region: Kullu region Max Altitude: 2950 m Trip Highlights
  1. Begin your journey from Delhi-Kasol with fellow travellers.
  2. Enjoy the beautiful views from Parvati Valley by trekking.
  3. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the natural hot springs set amid the beautiful Kheerganga.
  4. Enjoy a taste of Israeli and Himachal cuisine.
  5. Take a journey with Kasol Kheerganga, an adventurous trek that's in every way more elegant.
  6. Visit Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara to indulge in the mystical Parvati or Kartikeya stories.
Things to Keep
  1. First, waterproof trekking shoes: Wear sturdy hiking shoes that provide good grip and support your ankles. Sports shoes are not recommended.
  2. Second, be sure to have a down jacket and a padded jacket.
  3. Next: Trek Pants: Wear light cotton trekking pants. Shorts, denim, and jeans are not appropriate for trekking.
  4. Wear long-sleeved tee shirts that are full sleeves to prevent sunburns on your neck and arms. One or two dry-fit tee shirts are recommended.
  5. Thermals: Keep thermals on hand (top and bottom).
  6. Sunglasses: Sunglasses must be worn. The trek will involve a lot snow, which can lead to snow blindness.
  7. Cap: Protect yourself from the sun at high altitudes by wearing a cap.
  8. Waterproof gloves for hands: Wear waterproof gloves. Avoid woollen gloves that can get wet from touching snow.
  9. Socks (2) and a pair woollen socks: You can also take two socks for sports, but you can also bring a pair woollen socks to wear at night.
  10. Mandatory Headlamp/LED torch
  11. Power banks
  12. Toiletries
  13. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also available
  14. Raincoats/ponchos: High altitudes are prone to snowfall and rain, so it is mandatory that you have a poncho in order to keep from getting wet. Even in rain, the trek will go on as planned. You should have a poncho to protect you from the rain. You can protect your belongings with a rain cover.
  15. Next, Documents: ID (Driver's License), AADHAR Card and Voter ID: Passport and visa copy for Foreign Nationals
  16. Finally, the Day Pack (small bag of 10 litres that can be used to transport essentials for the day)
Most frequently asked questions:
  1. When is the best time for you to visit Kasol?
Ans- Kasol is best visited in spring or summer. From April to November is the best time to visit Jibhi.
  1. Is it safe for me to go on the Kasol Kheerganga Trek
Ans- It is safe to trek the Kasol Kheerganga. This is the most beautiful trek in the Himalayas. It is easy in difficulty and the trail is well marked from beginning to end.
  1. Are ATMs available during Trek?
Ans- After Kasol, there are no ATMs.
  1. How fit do you have to be in order to trek the Kasol Kheerganga Trek
Ans- This trek is moderately easy. You can choose from simple routes with gradual ascending and descending.  

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