10 ways to help your kids memorise the Quran
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10 ways to help your kids memorise the Quran
The Qur'an is Allah's voice. Don't we want our kids to open and recite the Qur'an on their own? Willn't it make you happy to see your child studying the Qur'an? Don't you want them excited and pumped? That their children love the Qur'an is a gift. The Qur'an is our ultimate and only guide to the eternal gardens of joy, satisfaction, and success. It focuses on memorising the Qur'an. Both the environment and parents shape children. Thus, guardians must help children form a strong and loving bond with the Qur'an.

Dive into the Quran

As a parent, you set the tone. How do you feel about the Quran? Kids don't learn from the outside world, but from their parents. They will realise there is something significant about the book if they see you getting it daily. And develop a desire to read it. They will not obey you if they never see you reciting the Quran.

Du'a (supplication

Du'a is a devotee's most powerful tool, especially for parents. Nothing happens without Allah's permission, and Allah can make anything possible. To make du'a, you must first keep your intentions pure and remember that everything you do or plan to do is for Allah. Remember that as a parent, you must focus on your children and ensure they do Allah's will.

Help Them to learn

Per Islamic lessons, take a pleasant, firm hold to represent your kids' "Tarbiyah". This will include inspiring the youngster to learn and memorise Qur'an, and your dedicated contribution will encourage them. Here are some suggestions: Create a learning and sharing vibe. Show your child that you value and enjoy their education. Assign these task to your child.
  1. Focus on your child's flaws without discouraging them
  2. Appreciate his accomplishment
  3. Let them correct your mistakes
  4. Inspire them to share what they've discovered

Keep that Up

Remember, this is a great chance to show off other skills. Because the Quran contains many dynamic words that children cannot comprehend, it is imperative that they understand the importance of words. But don't go overboard, as kids don't usually absorb all information at once. Slow down and support. Here are some ways to support your child:
  1. Wishing you a warm and sincere conversion.
  2. Create a safe environment for your child to express himself.
  3. Introduce new learning styles to your child.
  4. Focus on learning, not performance.
  5. Organize them
  6. Be positive

The bigger reward

Explain the benefits of  Quran learning classes for kids, the most important being the highest rank in Jannah. Tell them about the rewards and bounties the Qur'an promises to those who keep it in their hearts. This will surely enlighten and arouse the child's interest in learning the Qur'an.

Take a look at the translation

Aside from listening to the Qur'an, review the translation of the ayah/surah. Avoid confusing your child and yourself by providing too many details. Just reveal enough to pique their interest. Translation required to understand Allah's commands and the stories in the Qur'an. It will also help memorise the Qur'an. Long term, this will tenfold the bounties and returns.

Make some games for the kids

Plan family exercises and games based on Qur'anic situations. For example, conducting tests and forming groups to compete in a serious yet joyful manner. Another example is requiring everyone to participate in research and creative art projects.

Routineize the learning Quran for kids.

To progress, daily Quran remembrance is recommended. Your kids will be mentally prepared once they know when to expect the memorization session, so you won't have to spend time and energy convincing them to sit with you to recite Qur'an. Consistency is the foundation of your child's development with Online Quran Tutor for kids. Choosing Maghrib time is ideal. Perform Maghrib salah with your child and then begin the ‘Hifdh'. Pick a quiet, pleasant, and interruption-free meeting place and stick to it. This ensures order. Remember not to make the meetings too long for the kids. You can achieve your goals if you set daily goals and stick to them.

Join them in their favourite reciter

To keep them happy, play their favourite Quran reciter's free videos on platforms like YouTube. This will boost their morale and ensure they learn from reliable sources.

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