17 Popular YouTube Niche Ideas You Should Know

Here are 17 top topic ideas on YouTube that you could make use of as inspiration for branding your channel.

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Popular YouTube Niche Ideas

1. Home or DIY Channel

YouTube is the most popular site for DIY videos on a range of subjects. Examples of this include:

The best way to gain knowledge is by watching someone else perform something on video. Because YouTube is among the top viewed site in the world and is one of the biggest repository of information, there is a good chance that you will get assistance for your next DIY project right here.

If you’re an expert in one particular DIY area or have some tricks to help others tackle an DIY project, making videos that demonstrate how is a good niche to focus on. The more valuable your content is, the greater number of followers and views you will gain.

2. Performance or Magic Channel

Are you aspiring to become as a magician or perform other exciting tricks? People are addicted to YouTube channels that show off their amazing talents or skills. Maybe you have a stunning singing voice, can ride unicycles, or are an accomplished artist. You could be all three! If you’re able to engage people with your expertise it’s a great segment for YouTube.

3. Planting and Gardening

The gardening and planting of plants could be a great area if you’ve got an envious green thumb. It doesn’t matter if you’re giving gardening methods or showing off your garden, people are likely to listen in and learn, or simply relax.

4. Spirituality and Personal Coaching

There are temples, churches and coach, life coaching guides therapy, therapists, along with… YouTube is a great resource for those who feel disoriented in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal experiences, yoga and religious classes, YouTube is a great way to disseminate information that can help improve others people’s lives. If you’ve experienced something that can be beneficial to others, think about using it as a topic for the YouTube channel.

5. Parenting Channel

Everyone has parents, which will make us better prepared when the torch is handed to us. If your first experience as a parent were smooth or not but you did learn valuable lessons that you can pass on with the next generation of child-rearing. A YouTube channel that shares your knowledge and tips could be a fantastic area to reach out to new parents even if you have a lot to learn!

6. Comedy, Humor, Prank Channel

Comedy is among the most effective genres for going to the top of YouTube. There are a myriad of forms of comedy, but identifying an area that is entertaining to viewers is the best method to increase followers, likes and shares (especially via Social media). Choose a area to create a comedy channel such as Ryze Hendricks’ Weird Bars series.

7. Animal Loving Videos

The internet has a long-running fascination in cat video. 70 percent of U.S. households own a pet, which makes animals an incredibly relatable and common interest of the vast majority. These are excellent niche suggestions for YouTube for those who work in a veterinary setting or own a cute pet.

8. Reenactment or LARPing

Hobbies are a great area in YouTube content, particularly those that can be converted into video. Reenactments of historical events can be captivating, attracting large numbers of spectators. Role-playing in live action is another pastime that may involve extravagant costumes and impressive groups of players. If you’re involved in one or the other of these activities you should consider establishing channels to discuss your experiences with other people.

9. Travel YouTube channel

We all could benefit from some time off This is the reason why traveling is such a popular topic for YouTube. If your viewers are thinking about their next trip, or just want to experience your experiences, travel is the perfect channel subject for those who are frequent travelers.

10. Educational Channel

You are an authority in an area of study, exercise or a particular aspect of life? Your knowledge could make for a fantastic niche, particularly when there aren’t many individuals who can create this kind of content. Maybe you worked at NASA or you are an historian on certain topics or an expert in psychology who specializes in relationships. Use that knowledge to create video content to add to the YouTube channel you have!

11. Technology Channel

In our world of connectivity as well as technology like the Internet of Things, technology is a popular subject. If you can locate an interest for a technology channel that’s not crowded it could be a good idea for YouTube. Explore lesser-known devices for example, smart refrigerators. against the latest iPhone that will come with many tech-related videos designed specifically for it.

12. Gaming channel

Gaming is among the most watched areas on YouTube and has given rise to famous personalities such as PewDiePie, Ninja, and MrBeast. Many streamers and creators of gaming content are out on the internet, which means it is important to choose an area of specialization to differentiate yourself. It could be as simple as choosing a particular game genre, tackling specific games, or developing the game of your choice.

13. Conspiracy channel

It’s true that people are drawn to a good conspiracy. Perhaps you’re an expert on some mythology, been involved in some famous conspiracy, or you’re just looking for information. These angles could provide a great niche for the creation of a YouTube channel.

14. Animation channel

Finding a suitable platform to share short films and animations isn’t easy without commercial successes in films. YouTube offers an unbeatable reach for animators looking to increase their audience and create an impact. It is a great way to build a following and possibly provide a platform for your portfolio should you wish to show your skills in animation to grow into more than the basis of a hobby.

15. Beauty Blogger Channel

The beauty and fashion industry is one of the most well-known and lucrative on YouTube. The beauty tutorials that are visual as well as beauty product reviews and fashion tips translate well into videos. If your friends are in the habit of complimenting your skin, or makeup and seeking suggestions, you can turn their enthusiasm into content to create an own channel for beauty.

16. Fashion channel

In the same way, if you have friends who compliment your style or ask where you purchased the latest piece or accessory, you could have an interest in fashion worthy of sharing. Your individual style might be a perfect subject to create YouTube content.

17. Cooking channel

Many cooking and recipes channels are available online, do you have some of your cooking recipes listed on YouTube? If you’ve got mouth-watering family recipes or customized creations, this could be the starting point of your new niche. your own cooking channel.


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